Saturday, November 3, 2018



Hello again lovelies!  

This is such an exciting one to share with you guys because it's BRAND spanking new to the beauty industry.  I was sent three products to review via the Influenster program and was shocked at what I got.  I really wasn't sure what to expect and was so pleasantly delighted when I saw the packaging and got to play with these products.  The rose gold detail along with the beautiful spa like smell and feel of these makes the entire line extra chic.  I received the Honey Glow mask, the Dream Cream Overnight Mask, and The Truth Elixir.

I posted my Instagram teaser video as well as the photos I took with the Overnight Mask and Elixir and to my surprise the founder of the line who just so happens to be the ever beautiful Giuliana Rancic, liked and commented to thank me for the review!!  I have to admit I had a little moment and freaked out when I saw that.  I'm a big fan and always catch her interviewing celebs on the Red Carpet during award season on the E! Channel.   
Per Giuliana's words in our correspondence she said, 

I immediately texted my BFF and she scream texted back at me her equal excitement.  Can we all just give a moment of recognition to someone who actually takes the time to respond. 
 A lot of people could learn from this, just saying.  I'm sure she is a very busy woman but she also knows to show her appreciation and that will forever stay with me.

Fan Girl moment aside, these products really are beautiful and I am delighted to receive this box of goodies.  I will certainly purchase them when I run out, I don't think I could live without that Honey Mask now that I know it exists in the world!! 

Please go watch my short video review and give it a thumbs up!  If you aren't subscribed to my channel hey, why not just go ahead and do that while you're there as well. 😉 

Thanks for all of your love and support!

X's & O's 
Seanna Miriah


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