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Cooking with Seeds of Change

I signed up for Influenster because of the beauty perks so I totally forgot I clicked the healthy food option on my profile when signing up.  When I got an email asking if I'd review this simmer sauce, I thought "Heck Yeah I would!"  I love to cook and I am all about some sauce.  It isn't my usual beauty topic videos on Youtube but I loved the idea of cooking with my subscribers and sharing what I made.  Is it weird that I like to know what people eat?  It's probably my favorite part of a vlog, is when someone shares what they made for breakfast.  Perhaps, it's because I like to get inspiration from others.  Hope you guys enjoy this!
My Honest Review

There are a few different sauce flavors but the one I got was the mushroom sauce.  My fiance', Lyle, was actually the one who opened the box and went "Aww man, I was hoping for the Sweet & Sour" ha.  I was secretly hoping for mushroom so yay for me!  I didn't think he'd end up eating thi…

Craziest Facial EVER?!!

What have I gotten myself into this time??  😂
I was contacted by the owner, Jody, of DermaSpace in downtown Seattle to do a vlog about their strange but beneficial electrotherapy facial and I could have jumped out of my seat when I saw the email.  What an amazing concept and being the adventurous gal that I am,  I said "OF COURSE I will let you hook me up to an electrical current and attach it to my face." 
This treatment has actually been around for a really long time and is even used with athletes to help work topical aid into their sore muscles.  Makes sense that you could do the same with skincare remedies for your face.  Celebrities have discovered this treatment and it is widely used in major cities like NY, LA, and now Seattle!
Jody started out with a gentle face cleanse and exfoliated then brought this sucker out you see below.  Most people don't watch the process live as they are getting it but since I was balancing my camera on my stomach I could see the view…



6 Fall Favorites

The past two weeks I've been collecting pics that I absolutely love about this time of year and thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a little weekly round up bloggie Mcgee. 1.  Family Fun Photo Walks Taking pictures with my fiance' out on a walk with the Booger-dog is probs my favorite thing to do.  When the pines start bombing our heads with giant cones and the neighborhood fireplaces are kicking out burning timber I could just run like a kid and jump in a pile of leaves...aside from my fear of a rake still being inside of it.  For the longest time I used to think I wanted to live somewhere warm year round and then I realized, I love rain and season changes too much.   Going without it would probably lead to a depression spiral.

2.  English Countryside Living Nearly everything I love comes from the UK.  My family tree strongly stems from England so it's in my blood.  My fav bloggers are all English.  I watch them on Youtube as well and sometimes I notice I'…