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Our Engagement Story

Six year later!!... HOLY cow it's here.  It is so surreal.  The very first year Lyle and I were dating I remember riding around in his Blazer driving through the Fremont district.  It was a typical rainy dreary day in Seattle and I forget where we were going.  He asked me where I see myself in the next few years and I said, "Married to someone I love".  He seemed surprised I was so blunt but, I was just being honest with him.  It was the truth.  
Our journey since then over the next six years went from fun dates and bouncing around downtown Seattle going to fancy restaurants, shopping adventures in Nordstrom, me bartending late into the morning with us being on complete opposite schedules, to moving in together and staying in more, moving three times, the Booger dog and Lyle not getting along at all to now loving each other and snuggling/snoring on the floor together.  Practiced giving each other some room to grow as individuals, forgiveness and understanding, each maki…

Predicting Fall Makeup Trends

Let me see.  I simply must press my fingers to my temples and let the Autumn trends speak to me through ethereal vibrations...ohhhhmmm  ohhhhhmmm, Oh OH mah gosh I'm getting something.  I see pumpkin spice lattes burning my tongue cause I didn't wait for it to cool off,  I see boots getting dusted off and put back into the front of my closet, I see pho' getting slurped on a rainy day in an oversized sweater watching all the Harry Potter movies!  Oh this is good stuff.  Now let me tap into my beauty psyche.  Ohhhm dahhhla  Ohhhm dahhla hiiii.  
Ok ok I will stop.  I do actually think that I have some tapped in predictive qualities though.  Only because I follow the beauty industry so closely, I get gut feelings about what we will see with the top influencers like celebrities, magazines, and we all know that little outlet called, Youtube.   I always yell, "I knew it!" When I see something pop up as featured in a mag.
SO here's what I predict. To some, black li…