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Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review!

You all might find this to be silly but I am overjoyed like a school kid to have received a free product in the mail for the first time.  Well, cosmetic wise, when I was doing pin-up modeling I received all sorts of goodies from homemade aprons to t shirts and cool merch! Oh how I miss those days.
I joined Influenster and have been writing reviews on products I've tried over the past few months.  The more you participate the more likely they will send you free stuff to review. One day on my lunch break I see an email saying your Vox Box is on its way with your new product to review.  I thought, cool I'm getting some samples, sweet! When I got the box and opened it there sitting in some red tissue paper was a full size bottle of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation as well as two deluxe sized samples in darker tones!
  These will be great to put in my makeup kit.
The tone I received was R360 145  It's a bit more tan then my natural skin tone but matches my sunless tanner w…

EGG-cellent Breakfast Ideas for Budgets

I've deduced that I am capable of making breakfast from anything in the fridge as long as I have eggs.
If I think about what an egg is for too long I am so incredibly disgusted and that's usually the moment I switch to tofu for awhile until I get the egg icks out of my system.  When I picture a chicken pushing this white thing out of its vagine', I make that "who farted" face instantly.  
But I always come back to them because let's be real, it's a great protein that can be transformed into so many wonderful foods from birthday cakes, to pastries, noodles, to delicately boiled ovals placed in a fancy ass cup for you to smack with a spoon and let ooze out. Ohhhh and I forgot creme' brulee, I friggin' love creme' brulee.
So let's get to the part where I share some of my breakfast ideas I've come up with over time.  I always save a little bit from dinner so I have something the next morning.  If I cut up bell peppers I always save a few …