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A Week through the eyes of an MUA

I realize sometimes it's easier to read a blog then commit the time to watching a  beauty video, or hell, maybe you can dig into both!  The video will be posted below of all the gratis I recently received from work.
This has been a very exciting week in cosmetics for me!  First off, a friend got married last weekend and I was one of the lucky few who got to be in the courthouse when they exchanged their vows and were officially wed.  I did the hair and makeup and had such a fun time documenting and vlogging the day for Heather.  She wanted a seafoam green/teal eyeshadow look with a lot of drama to match her beautiful freshly dyed mermaid hair.  I have a bunch more weddings this summer and am looking forward to seeing how each bride is different and elegant in their own way!  (Not all of them are into social media so I will only be sharing those who seem OK with it) I also drove to Tacoma, Washington this week for cosmetics training with four of the eight brands we carry in Macy&#…

Moving to Kirkland, WA

Last year, we actually considered moving further south for a change of scenery and to be closer to the city of Seattle so we already viewed apartments in the Kirkland area however, moving sucks and we couldn't imagine packing and moving again so we stayed in Mill Creek.  Well when our lease was up and rent was raised by nearly $200 we couldn't stand the thought of paying so much to live so far North.  We were left with downsizing and purging a lot of our belongings to move into a smaller apartment.  Three truck loads of clothes, kitchen items, curtains, and randomness went to the Goodwill.  We brought only what we needed.  We got rid of anything that looked nasty including our only can opener that was rusty as shit.   We have yet to buy a new can opener by the way, instead using the spoon method to open up beans and corn.  I'm surprised we still have all of our fingers.  My mom arrived during our packing phase to visit and to help out.  She and my step-dad are trying to s…