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Whidbey Island Adventure

When we woke up Sunday and saw the sun had finally started to shine here in Seattle we took the opportunity to get out and adventure.  We sat on the couch with our computers and searched the Internet for locations.  First we thought we could hike Rattlesnake Ledge but realized the traffic to get there would take up most of our day.  Then I thought, we can go Spelunking!  Aren't there tons of caves around here? Then we realized most of them were hours away.  "How about ziplining??"  Oh crap, that would cost nearly $200 for the both of us and we are moving in June so time to save save save. I know!  Let's go to the ocean!   I opened the map and pointed to Whidbey Island.
We hopped in Lyle's car and headed out not knowing exactly where we were going and how it would turn out.  Just the two of us on an adventure. A short ride later we were already docking at Whidbey's Terminal and off we went for some brunch.
Stopping at a gas station to gather our plan I used t…

New Beauty Advisor Job!

Hi!  Has it been a minute?  No it's been a week, Seanna.  Geesh it just shows how one week at my new gig already has me feeling like I've completely neglected my Youtube channel and blog.  WOW! That was my best segue yet.  So, I got a new job.  It's actually something I really enjoy and can see myself putting in the care and attention that I've lacked in a workplace in a very very long time.  I have just been floating around with no direction, trying to make a buck bartending and freelancing at MAC but overall just miserable.  
It actually turns out that my dream job was right under my nose (well, my actual dream-dream job would be full time beauty blogging and creating videos on Youtube).  As you may already know, I've been a MAC artist off and on for over a decade.  I was permanent at one point but just stuck with freelance while I figured out what I wanted to do.  I just knew I didn't want to be permanent at MAC again.  Across from us is a department at Mac…