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Press On Nails

Before you go any further, please watch this hilarious video from the 80's   I remember using these things and they didn't work for shit!  They literally popped off with the smallest task.  How embarrassing is that??   Thanks to The Museum of Chicago Classic TV on Youtube that shared that video.  What a hilarious blast from the past.

Here's the vid I made today!

I have totally been an acrylic nail kind of gal.  I've done coffin shape, ballet tip, stiletto, cat claws, you name it.  I've never done the duck nail though, that is the fugliest shape I've ever seen. 
Getting your nails professionally done isn't always an option for several reasons:
1.  It's too expensive 2.  It's too much upkeep 3.  Sitting in the chair at the salon gives you anxiety (me, see more below)  4.  Your boyfriend doesn't like the way it looks.  (See more about that with Zoella below) 5.  You don't want it to shred your natural nails to pieces causing long term damage 6…


CONGRATS TO THERESA FOR WINNING THIS GIVEAWAY!! Stay tuned for more, I may try a Instagram focused giveaway next!  It's finally here!   And yes I mean Spring but I also mean my second giveaway of beauty products too!
I have put together another box full of goodies and am hosting a prize giveaway to show my appreciation to my lovely Youtube subscribers and supporters.  I wish I could just give you all a box of makeup, I really do.  One lucky winner will receive all of the products mentioned in the video as well as anything else I throw in over the next month and a half.  
Some info and rules:
You must be 18 yrs of age to enter or get parental consent to win. Shipping will be within the U.S. only (sorry, couldn't do international this time) Runs April 15th to June 1st 2017 where a winner will be chosen at random.

To win you must be subscribed to my channel and your page cannot be private (I have to be able to verify you are a subscriber).  Having the bell notification on would be…

Getting Over a Hardship, off to Canada

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may already know a little but, recently I have been going through a very shitty personal situation over the last couple of weeks.  It isn't anything I would like to open up on the Internet and this blog isn't about what happened... it's about what happened after. I spent a week in bed, unable to take deep breathes, unable to eat, unable to sleep.  I was actually even unable to cry.  I was in shock.  Booger stayed curled up next to the bed the whole time, such a good dog.   I finally decided I would like to keep moving forward and try to cleanse my body of these harmful thoughts and depressed demons that sit inside me and eat away at my being.   I cannot live forever in a dark cave twisting things around and around in my head.   So we took a trip. I was so distracted that I didn't even pack a proper bag.  I forgot spare socks, underwear, hairspray...   If you knew me you would know that packing is kind of my thing.  I always organ…