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Birthday Blog

What a magical birthday!   I am so glad that when you get older the importance of how you spend your birthday is all about how your mood is, not where you had it, how much money was spent, and how many of your friends show up.  The best way to enjoy it (in my humble opinion) it to stay relaxed and have no expectations.   No matter what minor thing happened it was a fond moment, even something as simple as a really pretty bathroom sign. I told Lyle that all I wanted to do was go to Edmonds, WA with him and walk along the ocean shore and get fun pictures, maybe go get some food somewhere yummy.   Very Pisces of me.  Take me to the water!
Our first stop was Anthony's Beach Cafe down by the Ferry terminal where you can see the boats coming in.   We lucked out and got clear skies and warm sunlight while we sat at the bar and had gin martinis to watch the sunset.  The bartender and Lyle hit it off talking about basketball and when I was in the bathroom they surprised me with a birthday…


Let's Talk About Organizing Eyeshadows

I treasure these things with such pride.  I have maybe a few that already came as a single shadow made for palettes and the rest were inside the traditional MAC packaging.   When I used to work from home for Nordstrom sometimes there was a lot of downtime and I literally sat there over a couple of days between calls and "de-potted" all of my eyeshadows.
 I have nearly 100 of them.  I don't even think that is that many, am I crazy?  Next time you call Nordy with a question regarding your package, just picture me at my beauty desk behind two big screen computer monitors in my sweat pants holding an eyeshadow over an open flame. I actually did a video on my Youtube channel awhile back of how I do this if you are interested.
 It will be linked below. It involves fire, tweezers, and patience...
I wanted to list the colors I have with a brief description for those who are wanting to order them online or have questions as to how to ar…