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Who Do I Think I Am?

I have been trying to figure out who the hell I am since I was born.  I am still searching.  The things I'm certain of is that I like to make people laugh, if I'm not being creative I would spiral into a deep depression, and I am always broke.  I have been fighting so hard to be a full time artistic beauty blogger and Youtuber that it has officially run my pockets dry.  When I even think or talk about quitting I hyperventilate into a crying fit so I guess that option is out.   That might sound silly to you, but it is part of what I am about. I wanted this photoshoot to represent me, now.  All of the professional images I had were from years ago when I was more bubbly and cutesy in my pinup modeling adventures.  "Cheesecake Pinup" innocence.  That isn't what I am about anymore.   I am a 37 year old woman and my perception of life isn't seen through the eyes of a 20 something girl like it once was.    I follow a beauty blogger on Youtube named Rebecca under ch…

Glossybox February 2017

This entire unboxing is available to view on my Youtube channel!   Just click the video below to watch. 
The makeup Gods have spoken.  This is the best Glossybox EVER!
I appreciate the specialty boxes they occasionally send where there is a fancy design rather than the typical pink ones and this month's was absolutely beautiful with the flowery lid.  For those who aren't aware, Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription founded in Berlin back in 2011.  It costs $21 a month and you receive 5 deluxe samples every month ranging from makeup, to hair, and even nail products too.  If you watch my Youtube videos you will see me occasionally featuring some of the products I receive as a "Monthly Favorite" because after I've tried it I find myself wanting to share with my subscribers how kick ass it is.
If you subscribe to Glossybox you can also share your own personal code with your friends and if they use it, you get even more points toward a free box.  
If you decide …