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An Elegant Event

We got pretty lit. 
Well OK so we had a good reason.  It was Lyle's annual work Gala this past weekend and the theme was Casino night.  It was open bar too.  Yikes!
Our anxiety tends to get to the best of us when we have to eat at large banquets with a bunch of people but I suppose we are both gluttons for punishment because this is the third time we've gone and still look forward to it every year.  It just takes a little bit of booze to loosen us up and we can usually pull it together and have a great time.

The meal was three courses with salad, Surf & Turf and two types of dessert.
 Everything was deeelish.
THE OUTFIT I put together a mood board the week before and settled on what I was going to wear on the big night.  My first choice of dress was from Military Hippie.  I saw it online and screenshot it so I could remember to order it for the Gala.  Then I ordered my red booties from DSW and paid express shipping for everything to be sure I had plenty of time to try it …

"The Seattle Freeze" & Resolutions

Time to get motivated even if it's January in the PNW and I want to huddle into a ball and cry.
I don't do well without the sun.  When it does work it's way through the thick clouds of doom and shines bright, I go running to the window or stand in it outside until it I feel a hint of warmth.
It's so far away, come back to us Oh Glorious One!  So on my last video (Cabin Fever Vlog) I had mentioned the Seattle Freeze.  I was unable to properly deliver my theory to it and had a comment from a local Seattle gal who told me I had it all wrong (in a nutshell).  You can read the comments on the video if you are hell bent on the gossip (I would cause I am a curious kitten, ha!)  Now this is a sensitive topic to those who are from here because I've noticed if you try to bring it up to them they deny it or they just go "nah it's not real".  
Defintion via Wikipedia:
The Seattle Freeze refers to a belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends (part…

Style Diaries...Styleries...Style Journal...Stournal..Ok no

One of my top favorite looks is "Witchy Woman" or "Witchy Chic" Does anyone else daydream about winning a New York shopping spree and going ham on some stores, just buying whatever you want?  Uhhh gawd that's such a fantasy of mine.
I have always dressed in themes with my outfits.  I have actually been doing that since I was able to pick out my own clothes.  I thoughtfully planned my outfits for middle and high school the day before.  I never just woke up and figured it out.  It was a process and I genuinely got butterfly excited once I settled on the final look, I would lay it out on a chair and go to bed satisfied that I had a winner. 
My failed attempt to go to Fashion School made me realize that it's not the construction of clothes that I love, it's creating the look with finely curated pieces.
So I don't have a specific style per-sey.   I have a specific style for that days' vibe.  Weather affects it, my PMS can be a factor, needing to do …

Christmas is Dead

Or at least our Christmas tree is.  Last night I took all of the ornaments off of it, untangled the lights from its' cold dead grasp and poked myself several times with all of the dried up lifeless sharp needles.  Un-decorating the tree is probably in my top 100 of least favorite things to do.
Lyle hauled it downstairs and threw it on our front porch, where it still remains. This actually genuinely makes me very sad.  It's like, you're kind of glad the holiday madness is over but the smell of pine and the twinkle of the lights is something I could imagine enjoying all Winter and it will very much be missed.   I bought a Christmas tree scented candle so I am not stunned with separation anxiety.
So I mention in the video below how I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this video or not because it seems a bit weird as an adult saying "lookie what I got!" but it's actually quite entertaining so screw it! I couldn't help but share with my Youtube fam all the ne…