Tuesday, January 31, 2017

An Elegant Event

We got pretty lit. 

Well OK so we had a good reason.  It was Lyle's annual work Gala this past weekend and the theme was Casino night.  It was open bar too.  Yikes!
Our anxiety tends to get to the best of us when we have to eat at large banquets with a bunch of people but I suppose we are both gluttons for punishment because this is the third time we've gone and still look forward to it every year.  It just takes a little bit of booze to loosen us up and we can usually pull it together and have a great time.

The meal was three courses with salad, Surf & Turf and two types of dessert.
 Everything was deeelish.

I put together a mood board the week before and settled on what I was going to wear on the big night.  My first choice of dress was from Military Hippie.  I saw it online and screenshot it so I could remember to order it for the Gala.  Then I ordered my red booties from DSW and paid express shipping for everything to be sure I had plenty of time to try it all on and make sure it fit.  
The dress didn't arrive and the shoes didn't get here until the day before the event.  Apparently, bad weather in the Midwest was causing some issues but regardless, DSW easily returned the shipping cost but I must say how disappointed I am with the way Military Hippie has handled the situation.   I tried to call the business and nobody answers EVER, I emailed twice and didn't hear back for days.  Finally I just got an email with tracking telling me it would arrive on Monday (late).
  I hope they can revive the current distaste I have for them at the moment.  

I had to race around Macy's on my 30 minute lunch break to find a replacement dress the night before the event.  I ended up finding this adorable baby doll dress from Free People and edited my outfit board to reflect the updated look.  Here are all of the details!
You can view more on my Polyvore profile with price listings and links.
The shoes were comfortable enough to get me through most of the night but I did have my ballet flats in my purse and put them on toward the end.  
I played roulette for what felt like hours then we had a little after party at the Comedy Club with a group of his work buddies and their wives.  We stayed til last call and realized we needed to either call a cab or figure something out.  We were both exhausted tired at that point and pretty trashed.  Luckily, the Gala was being held inside a hotel so we ended up just getting a room, both just face planting on the bed and we slept til noon.  
Waking up in a pile of soft white cotton clouds in the Hyatt was a dream come true, minus the throbbing headache and need for some breakfast ASAP.  They handed out water bottles and Tylenol on the way out, a sign that the hotel is well aware the weekends are for party goers in Bellevue.

Watch the Vlog for footage of the event and an update on my whole week on my new Vlog Channel!

Much Love!

Seanna Miriah

Monday, January 16, 2017

"The Seattle Freeze" & Resolutions

Time to get motivated even if it's January in the PNW and I want to huddle into a ball and cry.
I don't do well without the sun.  When it does work it's way through the thick clouds of doom and shines bright, I go running to the window or stand in it outside until it I feel a hint of warmth.
It's so far away, come back to us Oh Glorious One!
 So on my last video (Cabin Fever Vlog) I had mentioned the Seattle Freeze.  I was unable to properly deliver my theory to it and had a comment from a local Seattle gal who told me I had it all wrong (in a nutshell).  You can read the comments on the video if you are hell bent on the gossip (I would cause I am a curious kitten, ha!) 
Now this is a sensitive topic to those who are from here because I've noticed if you try to bring it up to them they deny it or they just go "nah it's not real".  

Defintion via Wikipedia:

The Seattle Freeze refers to a belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends (particularly for transplants from other cities) in the city of Seattle, Washington. According to KUOW radio, a 2005 Seattle Times article was the oldest reference to the term found.

It is 100% true and my base of comparison is outstanding.  I moved here from the South...
 One of the friendliest, most humble and outgoing regions of the U.S. you could imagine.
 People here have mentioned to me how it's a bunch of Trump electing knit-wit rednecks and I will say, yes that is a big part of it.  But you go to the cities that have progressed and have survived so much bullshit that you would be pleasantly surprised the amount of kindness, compassion, and understanding you will ever find...Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, and a bunch more below the Mason-Dixon line.  You don't get Southern Charm and hospitality like that anywhere, it gets in your soul and stays there.

So I guess what I am trying to say before getting emo about the South is that I feel like the Seattle Freeze stems from the weather or at least, is regional.  When I first moved here I would just pony up to the bar and look at the person to my left or right and say "Heya Stranger!  What brings you here?!"
I got sharp confused looks for the first two years.  

Then I adapted. Dum dum dummm.  
Now I look at someone who ponys up and starts talking to me like they have a motive.  What do you want?  Are you going to annoy me?  Get lost.

 It's sad but true... and why I say the weather is the culprit as part of it is because rain is un-motivating.  Grey gloom and sluggish rain makes you want to do absolute shit let alone leave the comfort of your home.  It's like we (in my opinion, please keep that in mind) are conditioned to being hermits by default.  The less you associate with people the more self dependent you become.  
Lyle and I have built a bubble with our dog and the few friends and family we stay in touch with.  

I hate that I've become anti-social.

So our plan is to move back (closer-ish) to the city and I hope to motivate myself to go out more.
I always feel fuller in my heart, a glimmer of light when I get to laugh and enjoy the presence of others and go on adventures.

  So yeah, I guess New Years Resolution:  

Hang out with people. 
Walks in nature with people.
Coffee with people.
Thank you Wikipedia for offering your free, educational and hard working website.  You have unselfishly supplied us dumbasses with answers to our questions.  I have donated to your cause and it was worth every penny, I wish I could give more.

I want to volunteer this year and have some great ideas on how I can give back.  Lyle lost a friend today to cancer.  He threw his phone and fell against the wall.  I thought he was having a seizure...it was an awful loss of a mentor for him and I tear up just thinking about it.
 I hope to help where I can.
Me with Hannah Combs Photography 

All the love and support to friends, family, and strangers who have lost someone to it.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Style Diaries...Styleries...Style Journal...Stournal..Ok no

One of my top favorite looks is "Witchy Woman" or "Witchy Chic"
Does anyone else daydream about winning a New York shopping spree and going ham on some stores, just buying whatever you want?  Uhhh gawd that's such a fantasy of mine.

I have always dressed in themes with my outfits.  I have actually been doing that since I was able to pick out my own clothes.  I thoughtfully planned my outfits for middle and high school the day before.  I never just woke up and figured it out.  It was a process and I genuinely got butterfly excited once I settled on the final look, I would lay it out on a chair and go to bed satisfied that I had a winner. 

My failed attempt to go to Fashion School made me realize that it's not the construction of clothes that I love, it's creating the look with finely curated pieces.

So I don't have a specific style per-sey.  
I have a specific style for that days' vibe.  Weather affects it, my PMS can be a factor, needing to do laundry is a factor, and the main reason...whatever makes me look skinnier.
So here are some of my current favorite "styles" down to the makeup and hair in what I like to call, 
"Seanna's Style Round Up" or something.  
Ok so I don't know what I'm calling it yet.  But I thought it would be fun to do.

First Favorite is "Witchy Woman"

Hair:  Beach waves, effortless with my black straw hat

Accessoriess:  My monocle necklace or a black choker

Clothing:  A draped long flowing dress and a long cardigan with some chunky boots

  Lips:  A matte deep almost black plum liquid lip, straight up black, or any other wild color 

Foundation & The Rest:  The Mineralize Foundation is what I have on in the pic and I love it with this, I used the Lightful C Marine Boost under it (obsessed with how it smells btw) and the Moonstone Highlighter by Becca Cosmetics.  Any sort of eyeliner with a really thick wing, like, THICK.  It helps add to the drama.  I didn't do much eyeshadow, mostly just a matte nude like Blanc Type or Orb and just a light brown in the crease.  
LOVE this look, hands down my favorite right now for Winter.  It's cold as a witches' titty out! 
The next one is "Basic Instinct Chic" 
When I feel like looking like an expensive classy betch I do this.  It reminds me of Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct.  A smart, classy, lady executive...haha, I am making myself laugh with these descriptions but I don't know any other way to express it!
The Outfit:  The shirt I have on has a knot to tie at the top and I wore a romper over it with leggings and gold plated heel boots from JustFab
Hair: Suuuper straight and I used a beauty oil to keep it sleek.  I even trimmed up my bangs so it was nice and clean
Makeup:  (All MAC) Matchmaster foundation, "Club" eyeshadow which is a soft greenish smokey grey and I took a black eye pencil and smudged it in with my fingers around the outer rim of both top and bottom lids.  I used the bright pink blush that came out with the Mariah Carey collection called "You've Got Me Feeling" and the gloss is called "Dreamy".  I also sprayed about 10 gallons of Fix Plus on so my skin looked dewy and healthy all day

 And finally my Wild Card or "Day Off Outfit" where I get to throw on some sneakers, pull up my hair in a messy doo-doo bun and slap on some lip gloss
The outfit:  I got this gigantic grey sweater at Nordstrom and it's almost like wearing a cuddly blanket.  I don't know that it's flattering and I don't care.  It even has a hood and big pockets. 
  It cost around $75 and worth every damn penny.  I live in it.
I usually grab for a white t-shirt to go underneath, preferably one that is super long in the waist so it is flouncy and relaxed, then some leggings.  My Adidas Supra Classics I got for Christmas from my sweetie pie are my favorite shoes I own.  I've only worn them a couple of times but I can't say it enough, they are the CUTEST sneakers I have ever seen.

Accessories:  GIANT MOTHER FUCKING HOOPS.  Ha!  I have been wearing hoop earrings since I was in high school.  It's kiiiind of my thing.  The older I get, the bigger they are.  When I'm 90 I will just be dragging hoop earrings the size of a baby pool.

Hair:  Messy. Ass. Bun.

Makeup:  I love a full coverage foundation like Kat Von D's Lock It.  I tried the Urban Decay All Nighter and loved the coverage but it was almost too much and made my skin break out so I returned it.  KVD's makeup doesn't do that to me and I've worn it a bunch to test that theory.
Eyes were a subtle brown smokey eye with the Morphe Koffee Palette.  These palettes are so inexpensive and the quality is great.  There are tons of coupon codes to get 10-15% off if you Google it.  I plan on getting a bunch more of their shadow palettes in the near future.
On my lips I have Candy Yum Yum by MAC and a gloss over top.  I love to grab just a clear gloss or a tingly plumping gloss when I have my comfy clothes on.  That way when I eat or drink it is easy to just re-apply and go on about my day.  
Sometimes I will also throw on some false lashes.  I know what you're thinking, "False Lashes on a relaxed day off?" and I say yes.  When I go shopping or out to get some lunch and coffee I like to have long purty lashes sometimes.  Ya feel me?
And that's it!
I really enjoyed putting this together so I want to jump on my blog and do this more often.  It literally is describing my week of what I styled for myself.  
Go to my Instagram if you want daily updates and my Youtube channel for makeup tutorials if you want more!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sidenote:  I am not sponsored!  I am not getting paid by these brands to mention them.  
Just thought I should throw that out there.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas is Dead

Or at least our Christmas tree is.  Last night I took all of the ornaments off of it, untangled the lights from its' cold dead grasp and poked myself several times with all of the dried up lifeless sharp needles.  Un-decorating the tree is probably in my top 100 of least favorite things to do.

Lyle hauled it downstairs and threw it on our front porch, where it still remains.
This actually genuinely makes me very sad.  It's like, you're kind of glad the holiday madness is over but the smell of pine and the twinkle of the lights is something I could imagine enjoying all Winter and it will very much be missed. 
 I bought a Christmas tree scented candle so I am not stunned with separation anxiety.

So I mention in the video below how I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this video or not because it seems a bit weird as an adult saying "lookie what I got!" but it's actually quite entertaining so screw it!
I couldn't help but share with my Youtube fam all the neat stuff I received.  Plus, I know my mom is going to want to see it.  There's one happy viewer!  And one is enough for me.

I wanted to thank The Bonnit out of Canada for being so generous and sending a bunch of their followers free rain bonnits.  I absolutely love it and was so happy I had it when it was snowing outside on New Year's Eve a couple days ago when we walked across the street for dinner.
I also LOVE this cool coloring book my best friend got me and wanted to show it in a still image here for anyone who wants to get a better look at it.  It really is amazing artwork and I've already started on a zombie.  Coloring is so relaxing.
Can we talk about Dior Cosmetics??  
I am currently obsessed which is probably not the best new habit of mine considering their makeup costs twice as much as MAC or other top brands.  GREAT.  But I do have to say the quality is next level.  The lipstick felt like I was rubbing velvet across my lips.  The color is simply perfect and a quick blot sets this red like no other, I am just blow away.  I've heard the Dior Airflash foundation is really good so that will be my next cosmetic purchase and I (of course) will let you know how it is.
I had such a magical holiday season!
We had an amazing Thanksgiving with friends staying up late and playing Cards Against Humanity, our Leavenworth trip with Lyle's sister was in my top favorite mini vacations with my honey and my little Booger dog.  Christmas was festive with snow on the ground (not much but a little from a few days prior) and New Years was Lyle's birthday. We had originally planned on going downtown to watch the celebration from Rebecca's house but it started snowing, got late, and we were too tired to deal with going into the city.  I was so proud of my makeup I did though, even if all we did was grab dinner and a beer across the street at our local watering hole.  Then we just came home and had Champagne ringing in the New Year with a nice fire in the fireplace and cozy lazy couch hangs that ensued for two full days of nothingness.  Especially great for Lyle who works so much.  

I would like to thank each and every one of you that have been supportive of my Beauty Blogging adventures.  I will be working a bunch doing makeup the next few months but will always try to make time to do these.  It's my escape and my favorite hobby so I won't be stopping any time soon that I can say.  

Happy New Year lovelies!
 X's & O's



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