Thursday, November 2, 2017

MAC Velvet Mattes Lipstick Swatches

They did it again...
A fall line of deep tones in festive colors and I am beside myself with excitement!
Run!  Run to the store immediately if you want one of these!
Joking it's not that dramatic but I tell ya what, if you love these limited edition lipsticks that MAC likes to torture us with then you really do want to snag yours before they sell out.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard a customer complain that they fell in love with a color only for it to disappear into the past like a ghost.

We go on to play the game of finding something similar but it's never truly the same.
I'm a big fan of mattes so when I saw these 9 new shades today I got makeup nerd excited.  If you are a cosmetic junkie, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  
The first time you get to swipe a lipstick across your wrist and have that ahhhhh moment, these do that for me and not just one in particular, every single color is my type.  

They're said to be blackened mattes in the deepest tones that go on velvety smooth with a light sheen from the infused micro-pearl. 
So let's give a description one by one of how they are depicted to us via the website going from top to bottom in the picture.   What's your favorite?

I LOVE Midnight Breeze, Valiant, and Gwendolyn as my top three.
They all are so Autumnal and beautiful, I see them going with all sorts of cute outfits this season.

So there you have it!

Thanks for stopping by and see ya on the next video or blog.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cooking with Seeds of Change

I signed up for Influenster because of the beauty perks so I totally forgot I clicked the healthy food option on my profile when signing up.  When I got an email asking if I'd review this simmer sauce, I thought "Heck Yeah I would!"  I love to cook and I am all about some sauce.  It isn't my usual beauty topic videos on Youtube but I loved the idea of cooking with my subscribers and sharing what I made.  Is it weird that I like to know what people eat?  It's probably my favorite part of a vlog, is when someone shares what they made for breakfast.  Perhaps, it's because I like to get inspiration from others.  Hope you guys enjoy this!

My Honest Review

There are a few different sauce flavors but the one I got was the mushroom sauce.  My fiance', Lyle, was actually the one who opened the box and went "Aww man, I was hoping for the Sweet & Sour" ha.  I was secretly hoping for mushroom so yay for me!  I didn't think he'd end up eating this dinner with me since he didn't seem too keen on it.
 I waited to make this video when I knew he'd be home late and I could have it all to myself. 

I made this with some zucchini and chicken then poured the sauce over top and sauteed it up, spooning it over mashed potatoes.  I also made a big healthy salad with roasted beets and a homemade vinegarette.

Lyle ended up coming home right when I was finishing up and started stealing bites.  I ended up having to make him a plate too, he loved it.
I would compare the flavor to a better tasting cream-of-mushroom soup which made me think how delish it would be poured over green beans and topped with some crunchy onions this Thanksgiving.
The fact that it's organic is a big bonus in my book.
I also like the easy open pouch!

My rating on this is 5 stars (comparing it to other products like it).  I would choose these sauces over their competitors.  The others that I've tried make my stomach hurt for some reason, maybe all the MSG or whatever but this was light on my tummy and not too rich and again, probably because it's made with organic ingredients.  I checked out their website and they have a lot of information regarding how their products are made and some mentions of organic farming.  Me likey.

This is available for purchase at Target and they run about $2.59 per pouch.

So thank you to Seeds of Change and Influenster for sending this to me for a review!  I had a lot of fun making the review video on Youtube with my own little comical spin on it.  
You can watch it here!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Craziest Facial EVER?!!

What have I gotten myself into this time??  😂

I was contacted by the owner, Jody, of DermaSpace in downtown Seattle to do a vlog about their strange but beneficial electrotherapy facial and I could have jumped out of my seat when I saw the email.  What an amazing concept and being the adventurous gal that I am, 
I said "OF COURSE I will let you hook me up to an electrical current and attach it to my face." 

This treatment has actually been around for a really long time and is even used with athletes to help work topical aid into their sore muscles.  Makes sense that you could do the same with skincare remedies for your face.  Celebrities have discovered this treatment and it is widely used in major cities like NY, LA, and now Seattle!

Jody started out with a gentle face cleanse and exfoliated then brought this sucker out you see below.  Most people don't watch the process live as they are getting it but since I was balancing my camera on my stomach I could see the viewfinder the whole time and I couldn't help but giggle. 
I looked like a Teddy Bear.
This cone was actually around back in the 1930's.  I relate it to the concept of putting a towel over your head then standing over hot water to steam.  This is great for opening pores and assisting with cleaning them out.  So the cone essentially "steamed my face" and I tell you what, it smelled reaaallly good in there and was quite relaxing!

I was so thankful to be in an environment where my filming not only wasn't awkward but invited so I got to play with different camera angles and such.  What a relief!
After 15 minutes the cone was removed and he used a very small vacuum device as well as a rolling technique on any problem areas I had to extract the dirt below the surface.  I always pack on so much foundation on my nose since that's (unfortunately) the one place I sunburn the most so the skin won't cover with just one layer of foundation.  I feel that I really have to pack it on, hence, more dirt/foundation/product jammed into my pores.  I've noticed little specks on the tip of it and it always bothered me.  This part actually did hurt just a tad because it was my first facial and grrrrl, my skin was capital D-i-r-t-y.

Next, you will see why this process is actually known as
"The Hannibal Lecter Facial"
The machine goes up to a level 10 but newbies start at about a 1 or a 2.
He did try a little tester to see how high it would go before I felt anything and I got to a six before I said, "Oh yeaaah I feel it"  I thought I really was dead inside for a second there. 

Light tingles vibrate throughout the face and I could visually see my heart beat pulsating the ceiling.  That's how I knew the blood was really circulating and made me think, "MAAAN I'm going to come out of this thing like I took that youth serum on Death Becomes Her!!"

I sat for about 20 mns and just relaxed in thought, enjoying the music.
The feel of my skin afterwords was UNREAL.  It's hard to explain but it was like someone else's skin.  I didn't recognize the feeling of it with my fingertips.  It was a little red like Jody said it would be and I had a few spots where there were more focused extractions.  The little brown dots on my nose, all GONE!  I almost don't want to wear makeup at the moment; I just want to enjoy my young looking and feeling skin for awhile before I go slapping on my usual spackle.

So I have an entire video I made of the experience and I would love for you to go watch and give it a big thumbs up.  Giggle along with me.   
Also, Jody has mentioned that he isn't taking any new clients but has three estheticians in his office that would gladly provide this exact same service plus, new clients get $15 off their first visit!  
If you go let them know I sent ya! 

You can get more info on their website here DermaSpace.
The office is located in downtown Seattle next to Nordstrom.

Thanks for visiting! :)
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Monday, October 9, 2017

6 Fall Favorites

The past two weeks I've been collecting pics that I absolutely love about this time of year and thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a little weekly round up bloggie Mcgee.

1.  Family Fun Photo Walks

Taking pictures with my fiance' out on a walk with the Booger-dog is probs my favorite thing to do.  When the pines start bombing our heads with giant cones and the neighborhood fireplaces are kicking out burning timber I could just run like a kid and jump in a pile of leaves...aside from my fear of a rake still being inside of it. 
For the longest time I used to think I wanted to live somewhere warm year round and then I realized, I love rain and season changes too much. 
 Going without it would probably lead to a depression spiral.

2.  English Countryside Living

Nearly everything I love comes from the UK.  My family tree strongly stems from England so it's in my blood.  My fav bloggers are all English.  I watch them on Youtube as well and sometimes I notice I'm dreaming with an accent.  A cup of tea with a splash of milk in the morning is the BEST and come on, beans and sausage in a full monty style fry-up is ideal for a wintery warm country breakfast.  
One day I hope to visit and I would love to have a proper English tea with all those sandwiches with the crust cut off.  
How I make my morning sipper is with a splash of flavored creamer and some Constant Comment which is an orange rind spiced black tea, then stirring with my fancy golden glitter spoon I got in a boutique in Upper Queen Anne here in Seattle.  Yes, stirring with this spoon makes it taste better.  I'm always on the hunt for some good caffeinated teas so if you can suggest any, comment below!

3.  Witchy Nails

Sinful Colors had a cute end cap at my local drugstore with Halloweenie looking things.  I snagged this nail polish called "Bite Me" and was quite surprised when I layered it on.  One layer was sheer with just a hint of orangey red color and black flecks.  I couldn't stop building the color on over and over until I got it to be the deepest tone it could go.  It's so perfect for October spooky nails but it's limited edition so if you want one you might wanna jump on that! 👻

4.  Raincoats Raincoats Raiiiincoats

I LOVE raincoats!  The one I have on above with the clear pockets is Betsey Johnson.
Booger in a raincoat is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Another reason to look forward to colder weather every year is so I can bring out his little sweaters and jackets. 
 It's also nice to help keep his fur clean when we go on drizzly walks together.
I'm planning on snagging some nifty clear ones (for both of us) this season.

5.  Cheese Balls

My mom gave me some habanero jam that a friend of hers makes down in Mexico and I have been wanting to get creative with different appetizers to go with it.  I googled, "cheddar and jalapeno recipes" and got this one for these "Jalapeno Balls" but altered it just a bit cause I didn't have mozz.  We don't have sports channels but I would say this would be a perfect snack for a Sunday game with friends.  Two or three of these are filling and they cook in just minutes so making a bunch would be a snap.
They came out SOOOO yummy I was shocked at how easy it was to whip up with just a few things in the fridge that I already had.  A nice cheesy crispy compliment to the sweet jelly.

6.  Halo Smokey Eye & Vampy Lip

I'm really into deep grey hues and burgundy or black lips this month.  Here I used the Halo technique on my lids and if you don't know what that is (to brief you) this is essentially done by the blending of a deeper shade on the inner and outer corners of the eye and something brighter in the middle.   It really gives the illusion of larger lid space and adds drama. 
 I like to dab something with shimmer in it on the lid with my finger and blend that out a bit.  My Morphe Koffee 35K palette is perfect for this.  It has all the mix of autumnal mattes and shimmer shades you could want.   The bottom right row is my current fave to dip into at the moment for smokey looks.

NYX makes some great Autumn toned liquid lipsticks for just $7 and I have been obsessed with this color called Vintage the past couple of weeks.  It's a mauvey burgundy plum (pic doesn't do it justice) and makes your teeth look whiter!

Well that's it.

I love saving up my favorite pics over a couple weeks and sharing them here on my blog so I may do these more often.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Our Engagement Story

Six year later!!...
HOLY cow it's here.  It is so surreal.  The very first year Lyle and I were dating I remember riding around in his Blazer driving through the Fremont district.  It was a typical rainy dreary day in Seattle and I forget where we were going.  He asked me where I see myself in the next few years and I said, "Married to someone I love".  He seemed surprised I was so blunt but, I was just being honest with him.  It was the truth.  

Our journey since then over the next six years went from fun dates and bouncing around downtown Seattle going to fancy restaurants, shopping adventures in Nordstrom, me bartending late into the morning with us being on complete opposite schedules, to moving in together and staying in more, moving three times, the Booger dog and Lyle not getting along at all to now loving each other and snuggling/snoring on the floor together.  Practiced giving each other some room to grow as individuals, forgiveness and understanding, each making lots of mistakes along the way but learning.  I will say it was all worth it, the good and the bad.  I can say I now truly understand how every single experience led us right to this point.  

For the past 24 hours I have been looking down at my ring finger, in shock that it's for me and that this is real.  It feels like a dream, and I don't want to wake up from it. 
Seriously, pinch me.  Wait don't...I bruise easily but gently squeeze me and tell me this is real will ya?

How it all happened~
We walked down to our favorite spot next to Lake Washington on a late summer morning with Booger-dog in tow and sat on a bench by a pond, reflecting on our relationship.  We literally cried, hugged, laughed and all that sappy goodness.  That's when Lyle asked if he could show me the engagement ring designer he had been looking at for over a year now.  He wanted help with sizing and choosing which one because the designer had so many amazing options, he wanted to find the perfect fit.  

When it arrived we walked back down to that same spot, the bench by the pond on a warm day just like before.  He got down on one knee with ring box in hand and made it official as we both laughed at how corny we were being.  
Afterwords we took about a zillion pictures throughout the nature path so we had plenty of share worthy photos.  We went over to the ducks that beg for bread like Oliver Twist, walked along the bridges over the lily-pads and frogs.  It was a majestic fairy wonderland, so much so you could just puke.  
Then it was a stroll over to the local fancy pants restaurant called Cafe' Juanita to celebrate. 
 It's neat how the place looks just like you're walking into someones house.  They don't even have signs outside signifying that it's a business, an elusive rambler in the middle of a neighborhood with Rolls Royce's and Ferrari's parked out front handled by the valet dudes dressed in red and black tuxes.  
It's one of those places where everything you eat and drink literally makes your taste buds tingle with excitement.  Your eyes roll back into your head so far you'd think they popped back around full circle.
We went with the charcuterie plate with goat cheese, blue cheese, parmesan, salami, honeycomb, poached pears, a trio of three different homemade breads, and an olive bowl.  For the whistle, we had a couple of Manhattan's to celebrate the fact that it was also the first day of Autumn.  
We chose to sit out back and luckily everyone was so intent on being inside the restaurant that they missed out on the perfect weather outside.  Hence, the two of us ended up having the entire patio to ourselves to goof off and nerd out in the privacy of our own candle-lit corner.  Our lovely server lady started the outdoor fireplace behind us and gave us blankets to stay comfy as the sun set.  The breeze was still warm but had a hint of Fall crispness to the air, pure nostalgia.  We ordered off-the-menu creme' brulee' which the server said they normally don't have but a regular guest of theirs had requested it for the weekend so we were in luck.  It's one of our favorite desserts and traditionally we both like to crack the sugar crust at the same time then dig in, fencing off each others spoons in a custard battle.  

The Ring:
The ring was designed by Alexis Russell out of Buffalo, NY.

Lyle picked out the uncut stone, which is then cut and placed into your chosen setting.  This is a rose cut grey diamond, prong setting, with the extra stacked crown diamond to pair with it.  The bands are rose gold and the wedding band will be the third tier stack that goes under the diamond.  
If you want to see the beautiful work of the designer here is a link .

I also really like the message behind the diamond being Conflict Free and this certificate you get with the ring.  I'm sure you are already aware of the term "blood diamond" and have an idea of what goes on in certain countries with diamond mining supporting wars and if not I invite you to 
Google it.
So that's our story so far!
I'm already having so much fun planning the theme, decor, save-the-dates, and all the videos I plan to make regarding the preparation over the next seven months.

The wedding will be a small Canadian lakeside dream in the mountains with a guest list of under fifty or so people.  I'm considering wearing combat boots with my dress if that tells you anything.

Stay tuned! I'm sure I'm going to plaster my Youtube channel, blog, and socials with all sorts of wedding themed obnoxious behavior!

X's & O's

The Soon to Be Sutton Family
Seanna, Lyle, & Booker


Here is the vlog from this weekend!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Predicting Fall Makeup Trends

Let me see.  I simply must press my fingers to my temples and let the Autumn trends speak to me through ethereal vibrations...ohhhhmmm  ohhhhhmmm, Oh OH mah gosh I'm getting something.  I see pumpkin spice lattes burning my tongue cause I didn't wait for it to cool off,  I see boots getting dusted off and put back into the front of my closet, I see pho' getting slurped on a rainy day in an oversized sweater watching all the Harry Potter movies!  Oh this is good stuff.  Now let me tap into my beauty psyche.  Ohhhm dahhhla  Ohhhm dahhla hiiii.  

Ok ok I will stop.  I do actually think that I have some tapped in predictive qualities though.  Only because I follow the beauty industry so closely, I get gut feelings about what we will see with the top influencers like celebrities, magazines, and we all know that little outlet called, Youtube.   I always yell, "I knew it!" When I see something pop up as featured in a mag.

SO here's what I predict.
To some, black lipstick might be a year round go-to but, for me, I usually save my darker shades for Fall so I have even more to get excited about the moment that first leaf hits the ground.  I see black lipstick making a huge statement this season, either speaking for itself or transformed.  I recently purchased this NYX Liquid Suede in the color "Alien" which is a liquid matte black. I also got the matching liner in case I needed it but so far the pigmentation is nice enough that one coat does the trick so you can over line your lip with the doe foot alone.  I also see doing a lot of ombre' looks with it.  Black with purple blended into the center.  Even a fun color like green dabbed over it or using the glitter transforming lip products that have started making their debut at the end of the summer with brands like Kat Von D's Everlasting Glimmer Veil.  A blanket of glittery goodness, "Wizard" would look great over a black lip.
For eyes, dueling tones blended into smokey playful looks are what's up.  Take two colors that compliment each other, using one in the crease and the other dabbed on the lid.  Here I took a deep plum and blended it into the crease back and forth until it got softer and softer the further it goes out.   I wet a makeup brush and dabbed an army green metallic eyeshadow over top.  Here I used Urban Decay "Chainz" but any army green metallic would work.  I popped on some mascara and lashes (no liner this time) and got this pretty but not too harsh smokey eye that I felt looked super Autumnal and dreamy. 
The trick to finding two tones for this trend would be observing a color wheel.  As you can see here, green and plum are on opposites of the color wheel so they compliment each other nicely!  You can keep in mind the yellows can be golden eyeshadows which are a lot easier to find and most of us have several choices in our palettes.  Blues don't have to be that literal color.  Consider the seafoams and pair that with a deep brown-orange in the crease.  The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette would be a great one to use for all the oranges and golds.

Playing around with this color theory and experimenting is a great trick to coming up with your own unique ideas and don't we all have a little trend setter inside of us?
For skin this season, I forsee blushes with built in highlights like the Milani Baked Blushes to give a soft glow.  Maybe for a moment, opt out of that stripe of light across the cheekbone with excessive highlighting.  Don't get me wrong I love my glow but for now, the focus can be more on a statement lip or eye so less time is spent contouring and highlighting.  Maybe even take a matte blush and mix the same brush in your highlight to make your own custom built in shimmer cheek!
 I even stopped contouring my nose for the time being.  Quick easy flawless skin.

You can watch the video on how I got this look here:

Enjoy your cozy nights in with Netflix and I will see you in my next video!

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Seanna Miriah soon-to-be-Sutton!

(engagement video coming soon)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review!

You all might find this to be silly but I am overjoyed like a school kid to have received a free product in the mail for the first time.  Well, cosmetic wise, when I was doing pin-up modeling I received all sorts of goodies from homemade aprons to t shirts and cool merch! Oh how I miss those days.

I joined Influenster and have been writing reviews on products I've tried over the past few months.  The more you participate the more likely they will send you free stuff to review.
One day on my lunch break I see an email saying your Vox Box is on its way with your new product to review.  I thought, cool I'm getting some samples, sweet!
When I got the box and opened it there sitting in some red tissue paper was a full size bottle of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation as well as two deluxe sized samples in darker tones!
  These will be great to put in my makeup kit.
The tone I received was R360 145
 It's a bit more tan then my natural skin tone but matches my sunless tanner which is perfect!
I loved the transformation of my skin especially since my face tone is sufficiently lighter then the rest of my body from self tanning. So going from pale patchy red, it really smoothed everything out nicely without falling into any fine lines and aging me.  It's really lightweight so you don't even feel it on!
When Influenster sends you a product to test they make it very clear to mention that you were sent the product for review so as not to mislead people whenever blogging about it.  No payment was involved it is just my honest thoughts and if it sucked, I would have said it.  Actually, I do hope one day that I find a product that doesn't work for me just so I can use my wit and goofy personality to make a funny video about it...kind of like when I purchased a Henna kit and completely failed at making it look anything even close to a design...just looked like a smear of poo on my neck.  Oh and yeah, I thought my neck was a great place to put my inexperienced Henna art. HA!

So thank you to Influenster for sending this product and thank you to Make Up For Ever for making a lovely foundation that is now my new favorite!

~Seanna Miriah

Saturday, August 19, 2017

EGG-cellent Breakfast Ideas for Budgets

I've deduced that I am capable of making breakfast from anything in the fridge as long as I have eggs.

If I think about what an egg is for too long I am so incredibly disgusted and that's usually the moment I switch to tofu for awhile until I get the egg icks out of my system.  When I picture a chicken pushing this white thing out of its vagine', I make that "who farted" face instantly.  

But I always come back to them because let's be real, it's a great protein that can be transformed into so many wonderful foods from birthday cakes, to pastries, noodles, to delicately boiled ovals placed in a fancy ass cup for you to smack with a spoon and let ooze out.
Ohhhh and I forgot creme' brulee, I friggin' love creme' brulee.

So let's get to the part where I share some of my breakfast ideas I've come up with over time.  I always save a little bit from dinner so I have something the next morning.  If I cut up bell peppers I always save a few dices for an omelet.  If I have an herb I always set aside some for an aioli.  

I've been collecting these pics for awhile, wanting to share some inspo for those who may have gotten "breaky boredom".  
It's my fav meal of the day!  Mostly because I skip lunch so it's really brunch.
From a leftover Blue Cheese Veggie Burger night on a Game of Thrones Sunday.  
I used half the avocado and saved the second half to have for breakfast another day.
The eggs have been poached in boiling water with a dash of vinegar keeping them in check while cooking.  We had some blue cheese left over that I sprinkled on top and my recent favorite, beans with Parmesan.  It's completely random, nobody taught me this magical duo as such great compliments to each other but I love it.

When the poached eggs are broken open the yolk blends with the bread, avocado, and blue cheese so nicely it had me scraping the plate.
I've done this with goat cheese and Caesar dressing as well.  Improvising is fun!
  From a leftover taco night, I made an open faced scramble.
I whipped up two eggs, layered on diced tomatoes, on toasted wheat bread.  Then with some cilantro and sour cream mixed it into a dressing with some seasonings like harissa and garlic salt.  Topped it with a little sprinkle of Tajin and boom.  Creamy, tangy, salty, yums.  I was pretty surprised myself when I took a bite, patting myself on the back...Seanna not too shabby.

Leftovers from burger night #2, Breakfast Salads rule!
This is the other half of an avocado on top of lettuce we used for burgers and some of the veggies too.  I had some almonds in a bag that I crushed down a bit and a sprinkle of wheat germ (I like to add any healthy bits I have laying around for good measure) then diced up a hard boiled egg.  
This also has some of the blue cheese and a bit of Caesar dressing.
Three meals out of one burger night, not too shabby.

The traditional breakfast will forever and always be nostalgic for me.  My mom was on the rescue squad growing up and she was the cook in the house so whenever she would get a call my dad would be responsible for dinner which meant waffles and scrambled eggs.  I always got so excited for dad's "breakfast for dinner" nights.  It's all he knew how to make at the time!  Now he is the grill master btw.  He can grill anything.
Those frozen waffles and some sausage or bacon will last you like, five breakfasts or more.  This isn't something I eat often just because I try to refrain from eating meat in the mornings however, Sunday brunch at home can be fun sometimes.  I usually prefer veggie sausage by Morningstar too.
When you literally only have these items left in the fridge
I had a small handful of fries and some string bean leftovers so I did my signature open faced sandwich with an over-easy egg on top of lightly mashed avocado mixed with Tajin.
Again, I threw in some dressing or if I don't have that I mix sour cream and seasonings.
I figure if I don't have fresh potatoes in the house to made hash browns then what difference does it make what shape the potato is in??
Well that's it!

It's our 6 year anniversary today but I worked a 10 hour work shift.  
Lyle is out at the tattoo convention and I came home and blogged.
Story of my life!  
I work on this so hard I hope you guys appreciate it and enjoy it.

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Perhaps it'd be wise of me to not write my blog when I'm in "a mood" but one can't help these things and tha...