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MAC Retro Matte Full Collection Swatched!

MAC sent me the entire collection because I am such a pronounced beauty blogger they said, "Send that talented girl the whole lot and fast!  We must know what she thinks of our new liquid lipsticks collection..."
Zzzzz....snort* What?  Oh was I daydreaming again?   Well they didn't send me the entire collection but I did still get my hands on it! I am working at a counter in North Seattle and had a chance to swipe a couple samples and by a couple I mean all of them.  I sampled one of each of the earthy tones not only so I can have them on when I show up to work but so I can make this video.  It really is a win win in my opinion.
These colors are SO beautiful and SO up my alley.  I am all about the neutral tones, browns, mauves, etc.  Or really any whacky color you typically don't see.  I love to slap on some blue lipstick and hit the grocery. LOL
I did mention in my "Naughty Nice Beauty Products" video that I did not like the formula of the Retro Matte &qu…

Winter Wonderland in Leavenworth

I told Lyle that it looked like we were in "White Walker" country going through Steven's Pass here in Washington.  It's absolutely breathtaking.  I had to ride the whole way through the summit with the windows down on the way back so I could smell the snow.  Booger sat in my lap and we both peeked our noses out sniffing the was freezing cold but we just cranked the heat and eventually Boogie fell asleep cuddled on me with a blanket as we listened to Mastadon the whole way home. Lyle's sister was the one who brought up the idea of this trip to the little Bavarian Village and I'm so glad she did!  When she said she was going to Leavenworth's Christmas Tree Lighting event (which attracts people from all over) to watch the town light up for the holidays we were so down.  It was so good to get some family time in with her and her man, I couldn't have thought of a better place to do that.  The streets were closed off and you could just walk down t…