Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Look Ma' Both Hands!

Ever wonder if you were wasting time by using just one hand at a time?  Well I just cut most of my makeup application time in half!  What the hell have I been doing all of these years?  I've been a lazy makeup artist is what I have been doing.  Geesh!
To be ambidextrous is to be able to use both hands equally, not necessarily at the same time mind you.  Like, some people can write with both hands.  I have actually practiced this and when I was younger, swore one day I would be able to write perfectly with either hand to really impress people (nobody would have cared, I realize this now).  My interest wore off. 
 I do however, us both hands to apply makeup on clients at MAC all the time.  Sometimes we are so busy and are in such tight spaces that I have to be able to switch hands to avoid people bumping my elbows while I apply mascara or things like that.
Ok so maybe it wasn't all as easy and time saving as I let on.  I am lucky I survived this one unscathed as I had very sharp tools and torture devices very close to my eyeballs.  It was like that alien abduction scene from the movie "Fire In The Sky" where they torture the dudes pupils...((shudders))
Welp, enjoy laughing at my stupidity!  See ya on the next one :)


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Very Merry Holiday Giveaway! CLOSED!

UPDATE:  The giveaway is over and congrats to Veronica B!  She is so excited to receive her box of goodies and said she will be sharing them with her granddaughter which I find to be the cutest thing ever!  Spread the Christmas cheer and be giving to your friends and family this season, everyone.  Smoooootches!

  Thank you to all who entered and remember, if you didn't win this one, I have many more to come.  I had such a great time doing this that I've decided to host regular giveaways!

 "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..."  THEEEESE are a few of my favorite things!
I wanted to give back to all of my subscribers on Youtube and Instagram and thank you guys so so so so much for supporting me over the year while I have been growing my beauty and lifestyle channel with you.  I'm so excited to be hosting my very first GIVEAWAY!!  Berrmp bermp beeermmmmp (that was a trumpet sound) I truly appreciate the comments, feedback, love, and laughs you all have shared with me and just want to give back.
UPDATE!  Here is a new video with all the newest info regarding this giveaway!

With that said, here is THE original video of prizes and details!

So to win just follow the prompts below, SO EASY!  It may take a second for it to load properly FYI: a Rafflecopter giveaway As it stands right now, Rafflecopter will be choosing and verifying the winner so no favorites will be picked by me, it's fair game.  Don't forget this is my first giveaway (sooo many more to come!) so I may update the rules a bit as I go to be sure it stays fair to all.
I will be updating this particular blog so save this link and check back for regular updates!  Any new details will be added in bold red letters so you know if anything has changed (i.e. prizes may be added over the next month).
I will also be posting a halfway mark update video with new details.

Happy Holidays and see you around!

All the Love to You,
Seanna Miriah

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nature Walks and Natural Looks

MAC stole my look!  Well they did! Kinda...
Ok ok so they aren't particularly aware that they stole my look.  It's just, I did this uber natural makeup you see above with the goal of having a juicy nude glossy lip and natural makeup the same day I looked on my Youtube feed and saw them post this "Nude Glossy Lips" video
I get so many great tips from watching their videos though.  I wanted to make my version anyway because mine (of course) is very different from theirs not only in style but my technique was WAYyyyy less involved.  They put like, ten products on that gal just for the lips to look clear!  Cray.
I also did this video the day after the Presidential Election so I was a bit stressed out upon first getting started.  I literally rolled out of bed, showered, and turned on my lights and camera so you get such a raw version of me in this little gem!  Here is the link to the eye roller info I got from Allure for those of you who were interested.  I am addicted to eye rollers now!

Enjoy and stay positive out there folks!  These are stressful times and we need to be good to each other am I right?


Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall H&M Lookbook-UPDATED! Links Included

An H&M Bag arrived at my door a week ago.
I just stared at it with one eye squinting and my upper lip curled for over a week.  I rarely restrain myself from ripping a newly delivered package open like a kid on Christmas but I wanted to wait until I could do a Fall try on video.  If this doesn't tell you how dedicated and how much love I put into my blog then go take a long walk off a short pier.  My dad always says that, never gets old.

But hey, I really had a good time with this one!  Seattle has some crazy ass weather so you really can't predict how to dress.  At this point I couldn't imagine living somewhere tropical and still having to be in all black working at MAC.  My theory is your clothing and style reflects your mood and surroundings...actually I don't even think that's a theory it just is.  Just take a wild guess how living in the PNW has affected me over the past five years.  Won't see Lyle and I walking around in any Tommy Bahama any time soon.  In fact, it we are ever caught wearing it call our Doctor and have our temperatures checked, we may have gone ill.

Here is the video for ya!  Links to all items below.

Pearls $7.99 (similar item)
Clear purse $31.90 (similar item)
Socks from Daiso Japan $1.50 (similar) at Loveculture 
Catsuit (similar) $22.50 (it's really hard to find these with a crotch, yikes!)
Marc Jacobs neoprene computer bag (similar) $125 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend folks! 

XOXO ~ Seanna

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

R.I.P. Halloween and My Final Look

I missed the boat!
It turns out that you really do never get a chance to complete all of the Halloween looks you intended when you are a blogger.  I have heard pretty much every single Youtuber say that.  Most of them said they are going to start "pre-filming" for October of next year's videos in January.
Not a bad idea.
One person specifically that I follow did a video EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I put that one in all caps because holy hell that is a lot of work.  It's one thing to vlog your life every day and another to do a creative and complicated makeup tutorial daily.  That's a lot of pressure.  Her name is Jordan Hanz and you can click on her name to view her channel if you want to see it.  She is a next level makeup artist, doing special effects and things like that.  SO freaking good it makes me sick.  She inspires me  to branch out and start learning that side of the cosmetic industry.  
I can't say that I'm not a tad happy that Halloween is over though.  I was consumed in it this year in so many facets.  I was freelancing at MAC so a couple times I did some festive makeup, watched tons of tutorials of other bloggers doing special FX, posted several Halloween themed videos, decorated the house, had a pumpkin carving party, ate enough candy to puke, binge watched scary movie classics, and buckled on sobriety so I could taste a pumpkin beer again.  I don't regret it, it was delicious.

The holidays are like a tornado aren't they?  They just come blowing in, take over your house and then disappear so you are left with the sad aftermath of it all and January becomes just January.  We all have to wait for Spring for the next exciting season.  That makes me sad to be honest.  I really struggle January through March trying to stay uplifted because I get such bad cabin fever here in Seattle.
  I may get anxious and need to go on a tropical trip ASAP.

So that's it, here is my final Halloween themed video for the month of October.  I did a Peacock mask because I was really wanting to play with feathers and glitter.  This really could work for Mardi Gras and/or a masquerade so it technically can be done a few different ways!

Enjoy :)


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