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Squash Stabbing

Ok ok so just because I did that introvert video doesn't mean I still don't like to hang out with my friends.  Especially my bestie Rebecca and her fella.  We have made it a tradition that even if we don't see each other all summer, when the holidays roll around we have to be sure to enjoy them together.
Us gals are typically cooking and catching up and the guys are usually on the couch playing video games.  How very traditional of us.

So I went out and got some things for the party.  Our favorite grocery store near our house always has a GIANT pumpkin display every year.  I don't know about you but something about it kind of grosses me out.  Especially the thought of opening this one up to "gut it" and carve it.  Lllllleeeuk.

The day before our little get together, Lyle and I went on a much needed date.  It was a beautiful walk to the Tapas restaurant through the Autumnal tunnel of leaves and got a sweet pic of the two of us.  My love is the cutest!

You Might Be An Introvert If-

When we are little babies our parents socialize us with other babies so that we can get a bit of interaction with our own kind.  These are called "playdates" where essentially babies crawl around and slobber on alphabet blocks in the presence of each other, grunting in the confusion of life. I don't remember what I was doing back then... I can't even remember what color my underwear is right now but I am certain I wasn't the most popular baby in the daycare.  In fact, I remember specifically not being the favorited kid because I was already showing signs of wanting to be left alone early on, I felt it in my soul.  The only person that could hold me was my mom or dad, anyone else got a screaming falcon baby from the Exorcist.  My teeth were so fucking crooked that I could have shred a block of cheddar for your Cobb Salad.  I was uncomfortable to look at and I didn't understand why cause I was a kid and didn't compute "ugly" yet.  Then when I got…

Rainy Daze


Fall Vibes


Shorting Myself


Sweater Dress Realness


Halloween Decorating

I tend to go a bit overboard every year with decorations because I just get way too excited about the holidays.  I have a mix of stuff that is classy and chic and some that are downright cheap-o kid stuff.  I go to TJ Maxx, Daiso Japan, the Dollar Store, and Home Goods for my decorations so it really is a mixed bag.  I try not to buy too many things that will just be used once so it's not wasteful.  I have a separate bag in storage for seasonal stuff that I add to every year and get so excited to drag it out and remember all the goodies I have to spam the house with.
When I moved across country I ditched everything.  I had years and years of things I collected for my home that all ended up being donated.  I packed 10 boxes and shipped them to my mom's house here in Washington then the Booger-dog and I flew weeks later to be joined with the few belongings I kept which was mostly clothes, pictures, and makeup.  All of my holiday stuff ended up at the Goodwill and Salvation Army…

Falling Leaves

I keep wondering when our apartment complex is going to cover up the pool.  It's almost torture watching it sit there, taunting me.  I'm bummed I didn't get to use it nearly as much as I would have liked.  I wanted to finish reading at least five books by the pool over the summer and only made it through one and a half.  I never got to float down the lazy river (second summer in a row that I missed that goal) and I never got to go to a local amusement park and ride roller coasters.   Summers are just way too short.  
I actually do LOVE this time of year though, so I welcome it with open arms.  The second it gets a tad brisk I ask Lyle if we should get some wood and have a nice fireplace fire going.  He's like, "Umm babe, it's August still."  I go to my closet and pull the box of tights down from storage and change out my hats hanging on my wall from summer hats to beanies and warm knit ones. I start to look at all of my sweaters and shrug that some are p…

Are Clowns Creepy?

I was watching the news some time last month and heard about the initial story of a clown hiding in the woods and whispering to children, I thought "what an idiot" and "those poor kids!", but didn't think much of it.  I figured the police would catch the creep and people would move on.  It's kinda hard to miss the guy walking around in clown clothes trying to get away "unnoticed" right?  Now why in the world would social media allow this to get blown out of proportion and invoke fear in people?  Oh wait that's right.  Copycats have been springing up all across the U.S. and it is becoming the "Clown Panic" of 2016 where the government is actually having to respond to it.  Remember when social media didn't have the power to make our President have to stop what he is doing to address something like people freaking out on Facebook because of a F'ing clown problem sweeping the nation?  
I worked at a bar called Shorty's in do…

Mo' Cable Mo' Problems

Issues with your cable provider?  Me too. I have a parody that is set to private on my Youtube channel from last year. It was a fabricated tale about what it was like looking for an apartment here in Seattle. It was viewed more than any video on my channel thus far and it is still un-viewable at this point in time because it is embarrassing, funny but embarrassing.  It got ONE thumbs down and my soul was crushed.  I took it down and never looked back.  I wasn't sure where I was going with this Youtube theme and if I should stay in a box like "Beauty & Makeup" since that's my main area of expertise.   But what does one do if they have an entire dialog going on in their head exaggerating a conversation they had earlier with their cable company? Do I write it all down, laugh at the idea of it and then do nothing?  Or does one turn on their camera and post it live on the Internet for all the world to see.  Well I have never been a "rational" person or one …

October Is Upon Us

Hip hip Hooooray! I am absolutely obsessed with Halloween.  You have to understand, from a makeup artists' perspective this is our time to shine.  Our shackles of staying within the boundaries of a glam homecoming or soft natural wedding are broken free and we can whip out the black lipstick, fine tipped brushes and Mehron pigments to dazzle the entire body with color.  STOKED.
So today I wanted to start off light with this festive spooky look and just use makeup I already have lying around the beauty room.  I will be going to the FX store soon to get some stuff to do more exciting fully involved Halloween looks throughout the month so keep an eye out for that!
This would be a great idea for teachers or work functions that aren't so much extensive costumes but just a quick makeup look.  When in doubt draw a BAT on your face!   Bat Brows are the new strobing...haha ok obviously kidding.
Enjoy the video and stay tuned for even more all month long.
Love to All! Seanna