Friday, September 30, 2016


Last year a group of creatives ventured into the Olympic National Forrest and shot a music video for  RAINE out of Brooklyn, NY.  
I was hair and makeup.

Jaqui is my step-sister and the talented songstress we all gathered together to support.  My mom's cabin style house out in the middle of the woods was our station for storing loads of equipment, makeup kits, generators, air mattresses, DOGS upon DOGS running amuck.
Mom was in charge of making enough food to feed a small production for three days, her experience in catering was put to good use that weekend.  It was awesome.

Now this may come as a surprise but believe it or not I'm not the woodsy type.  Are you shocked?   Well it's true.  My stiletto manicure and wormy dirt are enemies.
 Oddly, I don't like stepping in elk poop either.
BEARS want to attack me like I am Leo in the Revenant the moment I walk down a leafy path.  Mosquitos smell my girly lotion from miles away and have a field day on my milky white skin.  

But I put all of these DIVA-esque qualities aside and toted my giant makeup kit with wheels through trails of animal doo doo just so I can be on set for the Raine Music Video and to be sure my sis looked flawless.  Wasn't hard, she is a natural beauty.  

I got turned around trying to head back to the main camp alone so someone didn't have to stop mid-shooting to escort me.  I almost got lost in the Olympic National freaking forrest people.  Memories came flooding back to me from watching "I Shouldn't Be Alive" on Netflix where people always said they should have never left the path when they went hiking.  I planned my survival on eating lipstick and how I would ration out my tissues for toilet paper since it may be weeks before I am found crying on my suitcase.   My plans were to fabricate the story and say that I was almost attacked by Sasquatch but ran further into the woods to escape and got lost.  Figured if I survived I would need a good story for the cover of the Times.   I turned around and lugged my 50 lb makeup kit back to the riverbank where they were still filming and was like, "Ummm...guys...I don't know how to get back".   I put my stuff back down and stuck around which led me to becoming the human towel so Jaqui could wipe her hands off after blowing blue magic dust for the magic dust blowing scene.  It was a system of washing off the blue stuff with bottled water then wiping her hand off on my hoodie.  I think that took fifteen takes.  I was a soggy mess but hey it was worth it! I was eventually escorted back with the group.  I live to be a human sponge another day. 
The second day of filming in the wilderness, my other sis Natali and I were on stand-by incase we were needed and got distracted with my makeup kit.  I was trying to do some nature glam when Natali looked down and had a giant banana slug stuck to her hand.  She screamed and we fell out of the tree we had turned into our little makeup station.  We cry laughed for about ten minutes.  
The final day we worked well into the night to complete the most challenging scene out of all of them where strings and rocks were involved.  Everything we had for lighting came off of loud ass generators.  We even had a job of catching white moths for one of the scenes which basically was five people walking around in darkness looking like escaped asylum patients jumping around to catch a bug.  Did you know when you touch moths they leave dust farts on you?
Here is a behind the scenes clip I snuck with my Iphone.  She decided to just sing it live because it made her more comfortable over lip syncing her own song.

So the video released today and I wanted to share it on my blog with pride.  My best friend, Rebecca Peterson and her partner Matthew Gallant are VRSUS Creative and the mastermind uni-brain behind it all, in charge of the execution of this beautiful music video.  

We were blessed with a Red Epic Dragon camera from my friend Paul Ellington who was kind enough to put it into the hands of VRSUS for the weekend.  Thanks Paul!  It upped the game on the beautiful shots you will see below.  Lyle was there for the day to help with that too!  It was a family affair.  Everyone did such a good job helping bring this into light.  I have actually seen it several times before it launched today but I must say, the voice of Raine and this song with these visuals in the video make my hair stand on end and my heart strings go wild every single time I watch it.

 It takes my breath away.

Here is the teaser video and you can follow the link to VRSUS Creative for the full one!


RAINE Website

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Here is my Vlog from last year covering this adventure.  Keep in mind it was before I got a vlogging camera and didn't know dip about editing yet so it is an oldie but a goodie!

Much Love To Ya!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A sober bartender walks into a clock in

I have been wanting to talk about how I quit drinking a month ago for awhile now but kept feeling weird about it.  I wasn't sure how it would come across.  I didn't want to come across as "preachy" or that I am advocating everyone going sober.  I think alcohol can be fun if you know how to enjoy it responsibly.  I was taking it up a notch and for far too long.

I am documenting my journey.  I don't know how long it will go, if it's forever or for now but, I figure maybe others can relate and maybe take something away from this.

Last night I learned a friend of mine has passed away.  He struggled with his own sobriety and was always trying to self improve and stay positive.  I would like to dedicate this to him.  Our time together was brief but we had some great talks and I felt the love oozing from his soul.  He truly wanted to be good and I am sad he left so early in life.

So here is a video journal of my thoughts and progress in choosing to break up with booze.  If I seem to smile or laugh a bunch it's purely because I struggle with serious topics, it is not because I think sobriety is a joke.  Keep that in mind and happy to share my story.

All the Love to You

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Box Unboxing

Spoiler Alert!
This is Glossybox and Sephora Play beauty subscription boxes for the month of September 2016 so if you haven't opened yours yet then look away, look away!

I have to say I was pretty blown away with the box that the Glossybox came in this month.  Usually it's a pink and black box but this month was a special design and I have decided it must be displayed somewhere in my house because it is GORGEous.  I actually have been a hoarder of these Glossyboxes, using three of them when filming my beauty videos as a stand for my computer then I have two in a drawer that organizes my cosmetics,  a bunch in my closet holding crafts and crap and then empty ones I have on stand by for absolutely no reason at all.  I am actually an extremely organized person and have no issues throwing things away but for some reason when it comes to cosmetics and beauty packaging I can't bring myself to getting rid of them.  I have boxes inside of other boxes.  It's like the Russian Doll situation where it's endless product packaging inside of another.  I am proud of this sickness for some brings me joy.

I would love to subscribe to even more beauty subs but honestly I can only fit two un-boxings into one video already as it is while trimming down the footage so how would I make room for more? 
I will just have to wait until I can blog full time and do them separately.  
Yes, that's it.

It couldn't have been a better time to receive the Kat Von D tattoo liner in a subscription as I have been really into these precise line details I have been implementing in my beauty trends for Autumn.  I was going to buy it and now I can try it first!  I have heard nothing but good things about it so I will update in future vids if it is love at first wing.

So thanks for popping by for some tea and some beauty talk.  I feel like I am coming into my own more in my videos, becoming more comfortable with just being myself, a down right goof-ball who likes to pretend she is a broadway musical singer so that is only going to get amplified the more we go along in this adventure.  Hope you are prepared for that!

Enjoy the video, it's a bit long since we have a lot of product to cover but I promise it will entertain or your money back...cause it was free.

XOXO! ~Seanna

Monday, September 26, 2016

Avant-Garde Eye Tricks

Or any creative way to sport an out-of-the-box look that is intentionally unintenional

Raise your hand if you feel bored with the ole winged liner?  Don't get me wrong, I love me a sharp flick over the lid most of the time but sometimes when I am doing my makeup a strong desire to lose all control of the brush and set myself free washes over me, free of these winged chains!  

There are NO RULES IN MAKEUP!  I can't stress it enough.  Did you know it washes off?  I feel like if one takes the pressure off of having to have everything perfect then the true magic happens and you get some super fun results.

 One time when I was PMS'ing I posted a practice run of doing some pseudo "Drag" style makeup and people on my Facebook where saying how they liked me natural instead.  This enraged me inside, "Well DUH, it's just a LOOK for crying out loud".  Can't I play with makeup and not have some opinion of how they prefer me to look snarked up in the comments?  It's like if a kid was playing dress-up and someone said "Don't have too much fun now".  Just another reason I avoid Facebook as much as possible.  It drives me Bonkers.  I embrace each individuals' personal style and choices of self expression so strongly I could front a march.

So here we have it!  The latest vid.  I skipped bronzing and highlighting for two reasons on this one, A. Because you've seen it before and it was nothing new.  B. It got cut for time.  I really am trying to keep my videos short and sweet when possible.  I know not everyone has 20 minutes to watch me flap my gums.  So enjoy and see ya again later this week!

Love You All!

~Seanna Miriah

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just One Day

I usually take a weeks worth of footage and combine it all into one video so that it has copious amounts of entertainment in my video journals, my vournals, oh GOD what do I do about hating the word VLOG?  Vournal is not any better.  Anyway, doing this gives me extra extra work since I have to sift through hours and hours of footage.  I feel like a lot of great moments get lost within so much stuff over a vast amount of time that I end up just speeding past certain moments and then talk myself out of needing those particular clips.

So below is my first attempt at a vlog of just one day.  I tried my best to make it particularly
un-boring however I fear I may have failed you in the first two minutes by discussing whether or not to cook sausage.

Why do we like video logs? 
I follow a lot of great daily vloggers (mostly from the U.K.) Helen Anderson being one of them and Zoe Sugg being another and I love their videos, watching them all the way to the end like a
buck- toothed chipmunk excited about an acorn.  I especially look forward to them when I get too busy and several days go by so they pile up resulting in spending a night in bed catching up with what feels like a couple of old friends I've missed over the week alongside a bowl of popcorn.
Mmm popcorn.  Fav.

Some people don't understand the concept of vlogs.  They think, "Why would I sit around watching someone I don't know do random things like cooking or vacationing?" and I get that.  Totally understand that it just isn't for some.  I, on the other hand, am SO into it.  I have loved reality t.v. since I first watched the Real World Seattle on MTV or when Anna Nicole Smith was baby talking to her purple haired assistant.  Reality TV (these days) seems to have graduated into an entirely new beast.  It's faux-ality because it's scripted to appear real and everything is so perfect you are thinking how is that even possible they are passing that off as reality?  Nobody looks like that every day without having an on-set stylist,  I call bullshit!  I hate it when you can actually see they are reading a prompter too.

The budding community of online vloggers sharing their daily lives is so not that.  Don't get me wrong, it is still a person behind the scenes editing out which parts of their day they chose for you to see but a lot of them even leave in the not so perfect parts.  I think it's relatable.  I think it's awesome to be able to watch the lifestyle and perspective differences of people from all over the world.  Even when it's something as mundane as grocery shopping.

When I was younger, I used to love to go to the mall, grab a coffee, and just sit and people watch.  I thought every single individual person was so fascinating in their own weird quirky ways.  I would try to wrap my head around their little world for the .5 seconds they walked by me.

So here is my attempt at sharing just a day of my life.  Perhaps it will entertain someone the way my subbies have done for me.  I will keep on with these video journals so if it's not your cup of tea then hopefully a different video of mine will suffice in the future so you don't hesitate to subscribe to my channel.  Enjoy my day and yours!


~Just click the pic~


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leavenworth Trip

Oh so it's gonna be like THAT Leavenworth?  Being all cute and quaint and I am just now seeing your glory?!  

 It took a visit from my Aunt and Uncle to trigger a sudden visit to this fairyland in the sky.  It is a two hour drive from Seattle through majestic mountain tops passing by businesses named after Yokel slang so the "city folk" are more inclined to stop.  Places like Hillbilly Coffee and Pee-Paws Tavern.  Ok so the first was real...I made up the second one but I would KILL to go to a place like Pee-Paws regularly.  
My relatives are on a RV excursion through the PNW and going out to their campground made me realize how much I love the trees out here.  I mean, we live fairly far out of the city but nothing like what the mountains offer.  It's simply breathtaking.  I kept shouting to Lyle how we need to go to Leavenworth more often because the drive alone was worth it.  I say shouting because whenever I get excited my voice elevates to an annoying pitch that could attract the wolves in Twilight.  
Very Pacific Northwest of me to use a Twilight reference right?  
Did you catch that?

 We didn't get too many souvenirs but I do plan on going back before Christmas to do more of a shopping trip.  So many shops it almost seems like something I would need to get up super early or stay the weekend for.  We got the famous sausages from the Munchen Haus Bavarian Grill, chocolates from Das Sweet Shop,
and back to Munchen Haus for some authentic pretzels that were like none I've ever had before, SO GOOD served with local Beecher's Cheese.

The day was perfect and getting to see family was a nice boost to my soul.  My Aunt said Lyle was cute and my Uncle approved saying "He seems cool".  
Which in my families' surfer dude lingo that is the ultimate thumbs up.

Fun Fact:  My Uncle and my dad were actually friends with Cameron Crow back in the 70's (he wrote Fast Times At Ridgemont High) and the character Spicole they swear was based off of them making fun of the way their boss talked, "Hey Buuuuudy".  Yup, that's my dad and his brother in a nutshell.


 Below is the Vlog video of last week with the Leavenworth clips and I also included part of my week in "House Flipping" with Mimi.  I have finally come to the end of being a "Handy Girl" for her house project and she is ready to put it on the market.  I had a great time over the month taking on odd jobs around the house for her so I can learn a bit about what goes into home ownership and fixer uppers.  Lyle and I want to buy a home as soon as possible so I figured this was a good stepping stone in learning a bit about repairs and what I can do to help.  Him being an electrician is a major bonus and I want to have a hand in helping to.

Enjoy the video and have a great week!

All The Love,

Ballard House Tour Bonus Video

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Makeup Challenge

If it was any cheaper it would have been clay and food coloring

I always like to put my own spin on things so the fact that we have a Daiso Japan here in Seattle I thought, how perfect!  I actually wanted to do the Dollar Tree Challenge ages ago.  I got the idea when I was sitting in my car after going to the Dollar Store and did a mini car haul vlog and thought, I should do an entire look purely off of bargain cosmetics.  Unfortunately the store I have near me doesn't carry basic things like foundation and such so I passed on the idea at the time. 

Now look at it.  Everyone and their sister are doing the Dollar Makeup Challenge on Youtube.  I knew I was onto something!  Good job brain, keep up the good work.  Just try to execute the idea before someone else does and we are in good shape.

So I just happened to pop over to my nearest Daiso Japan looking for early Halloween Decor (you have to catch it early or it gets ransacked) and walked by the cosmetic section and bingo!  I realized I could do a full face using all Daiso Japan makeup which used to only be a dollar but went up fifty cents recently, why? Dunno.  Seattle has these GIANT cargo ships that pull in down at the edge of the city all hailing from China and other places and I wonder just how much of that is for Daiso.  Just a house sized cargo block full of goodies.  I realized that just because it is called Daiso Japan doesn't mean it's just Japanese items, a few of the products I used were from China actually.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this turned out.  Mainly because I didn't understand the products completely, like how to choose the right color in my foundation choice since they were all numbered and looked nearly the same in the packages and why the lipstick had two color tones or if it was even a lipstick.  Could have been a balm really.

I had so much fun with this challenge and have some ideas for Halloween mulling over in my mind so stay tuned for those! 

 Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing! 
Just click the pic to watch!

All the Love

Seanna Miriah

Monday, September 12, 2016

Beauty News

This Just In...

A TON of things have been going on in the Beauty Industry over the past few months, so much so that I had to edit out a few things in the video so it wasn't two hours long!  

In my latest video I dish out the details from makeup company lawsuits, political topics like Animal Testing, feuds between cosmetic brands and some seasonal trends coming up for fall.

Say What??

So just click the link below if you want to get up to date on the What's Happenin' with the booming beauty industry we hold so dear.  Enjoy!

 All The Love
X's & O's

~Seanna Miriah

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Subscribers and Sponsors Needed

Remember this photo?  That time that I contacted Asheville Hot Air Balloon and simply asked if we could do a photoshoot in one of their balloons.  I think a lot of people think it's fake fire behind me.  It is not.  This actually happened behind my heavily hair sprayed hair as we floated 15 ft above the photographer who was laying on her back in a field to get this shot.  The basket kept jumping around, we were so scared it was going to squish Hannah Combs and her camera.  I had to model my ASS off to not look terrified.  There is a guy in the basket with me who was ducking out of frame the entire time.  Little behind the scenes tid-bit there for ya!  I am still so grateful to AHAB for volunteering their equipment and staff for this shoot.  I originally just asked them when they already had one set up from taking customers out, if we could quickly jump in and take a few shots but instead they loaded us into a van and drove us out to the location and set it all up just for us.  Thank you guys SO MUCH if you are reading this.  They have still, til this day, been such big supporters of me.

I miss photoshoots, but I am so committed to video-making that I don't seem to have time for anything else.  I desire success for my Youtube Channel more then ever.  I spent years modeling for various esteemed photographers winning awards and ending up on t-shirts in Australia and even the side of a billboard in Paris.  I was simply having fun styling shoots, scouting locations, and bending my body awkwardly for a good shot.  I just loved it and never thought about doing it for money.

However, turning on my video camera and talking makeup or DIY's, vlogging and tutorials and editing them all down has become my true passion.  I get frustrated when I have to put down my computer in the middle of editing to go to work.  I am an artist type and once I start a project I will stay up 24 hours to complete it.  I have a notebook of ideas that I have been wanting to film but need a few days off to be able to shoot it consecutively and that time has yet to come, my "day job" yanks on my skirt like a kid I don't have. 

I think it's amazing and absolutely crazy that I have found something I love to do so much and it costs nothing to the viewer.  It's a free service that I just throw out into the abyss of the internet and hope I can entertain, educate, or make someone laugh (hopefully all three).  I am constantly upgrading myself and trying to remain open and "sponge-like" when watching other bloggers who have already reached their success and are going it full time.  This is my goal. 

So all I need is subscribers!  It's free, it's fun, and I will make it worth your time, promise.

I also am looking for Sponsors but I understand, until I get more subscribers that will have to come with time.

Please, if you came this far, go subscribe to my Youtube channel and you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat all under "Seanna Miriah".  

I hope to see your shining face around!

All the Love
X's & O's

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Vlog

Not Drinking Makes Me Productive

Plus my latest video is up, see below!

The above picture is a throwback from a shoot I did with Spencer from Pixelated Perceptions in North Carolina.  We walked around an old run down building and got some really great shots, plus I am wearing this kick ass blonde-fro.  I like to share pics from past photo shoots on my Instagram so if you don't follow me yet come see!  That is the most active social media platform I partake in.

This weekend was Labor Day weekend and also the mark of the seven days I haven't had any alcohol.  Lyle and I are taking a much needed break from it.  I felt like it was slowing me down honestly.  We haven't said how long we intend to quit so we are just going with it for now.
 I feel great and hope to lose some weight.  <--Hey I wrote a rhyme! 

Another thing I do on my Instagram is share little mini videos, I blinged out this bottle of Cetaphil if you want to see that project or watch it in my video below :)

The Beauty Room got a Makeover! 
 Cupcakes and Veggie Burgers went down over the weekend as well.  I told you I was productive!

You can watch the video below and hey, have you subscribed to my channel on Youtube yet?  Please don't forget to if you haven't so you don't miss a thing!
  Have a great week everyone!

All the Love

~Seanna Miriah


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