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Anniversary 2016

Sneakers Mean You're Comfortable

When I first moved to Seattle in two thousand and...oh now wait when did I move here?  2012?  Well that's not really important.  When I first moved in with my bestie, Rebecca, who also moved here from the East Coast,  I had sugar plum dancing daydreams of joy with birds chirping and Pegasus horses rearing on a sunsetting hill as to what my life was about to be like.  This is going to be perfect.  I will find the perfect job, I will find the funnest group of friends, I will dress super-thrifty cool-like even more then I already did.  We would meet guys but would mainly stay single so we could have the freedom to take over the town like wildcats.  Is that too much to ask?
I showed her some stand-up on Netflix of my latest favorite comedian (Demetri Martin) one night when we were having a "chill girls night in" and we agreed we would go see him when he came to the city for his next show so we could both laugh like school girls at his cu…

Latest Beauty Craze!

BOYFRIEND TAKES MY QUIZ People are loving it...

OK Ok ok so it hasn't become a craze yet but I can see this little "Beauty Game" idea I came up with, really taking off!  The idea was born when I was watching other videos where boyfriends so kindly offer to be a part of (or get suckered into) a beauty vlogger's video.  I saw so many with the same tag title like "Boyfriend Does My Makeup", "Beanboozle Challenge", "Girlfriend Does Boyfriend's Makeup", or even "Read My Lips" or whatever it's called when you blast music into your own ears and try to read the other person's lips (actually quite funny, we should do that one).  I would love to do those challenges one day as well but where does that get me if I don't try to stand out with something original?  For months I have been mulling over ideas on what to do in my boyfriend involved Youtube vid.  I kept warning Lyle, "Ok Babe!  I am getting close to figuring ou…

My PMS is Next Level

Maybe she was born with it, maybe it's Maybul...shit.  So genetics chose to give me a vagina and now I have to deal with the roll of the dice.  I can look forward to crying and my world ending every month, awesome! No matter how much I warn myself, Seanna, "it is going to suck next month, you will be mean to Lyle, you will want to fix your whole life in one day, just know you are under the influence of a hormonal intruder and ignore those feelings as best as you can".  But, my mind has tricked me into thinking it is all legit important and detrimental to my life at that very moment every single month.  Never changes, I fall for it every time.

Today, my world had come crashing down on me when I realized that a work from home transcript didn't accept my test submission.  I honestly thought it was a "test" to assess if you are a good enough candidate for further training on how their formats prefer to be transcribed.  Upon receiving the rejection I now realiz…

Beauty Blogger Beginnings

I am Seanna Miriah, a pinup girl and makeup artist, and most of all an obsessive dreamer of becoming a full time vlogger blogger.  I make beauty and lifestyle videos that I put together myself, including all of the editing and equipment, then they are posted to Youtube anywhere from one to three times a week.  I bartended and do makeup to get by but I stay up at night praying to the Gods, the aliens, the baby Jesus, and the Universe that somehow I will, one day, be able to open new doors to new amazing opportunities in the world of blogging.  I still have a bunch of equipment to get in order to improve the quality of the vids but I am satisfied that I am able to share helpful beauty tips and occasional silly personal vlogs showing a glimpse into my weekly life with quality entertainment and all coming from a loving place and with the kindest intentions.  I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables and Pollyanna with my mom so don't be shocked that a "goody two shoes" …