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It's that time of year for giving!  
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That's right people, it's time for the epic holiday makeup giveaway!
There will be a Grand Prize winner and a runner up.

I love to do this every year as a thank you to my subscribers for your loving support!  You guys keep me inspired to keep going with my channel even when times get tough, thank you so much for being a part of the journey. ❣️

There's some great prizes in this giveaway like Shape Tape, a Morphe palette, and much MUCH more.

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I need to be able to verify you follow me so your account can't be private on Youtube just a heads up.

Thanks again everyone, you all rule so hard!  
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This is an international giveaway!
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Saturday, November 3, 2018



Hello again lovelies!  

This is such an exciting one to share with you guys because it's BRAND spanking new to the beauty industry.  I was sent three products to review via the Influenster program and was shocked at what I got.  I really wasn't sure what to expect and was so pleasantly delighted when I saw the packaging and got to play with these products.  The rose gold detail along with the beautiful spa like smell and feel of these makes the entire line extra chic.  I received the Honey Glow mask, the Dream Cream Overnight Mask, and The Truth Elixir.

I posted my Instagram teaser video as well as the photos I took with the Overnight Mask and Elixir and to my surprise the founder of the line who just so happens to be the ever beautiful Giuliana Rancic, liked and commented to thank me for the review!!  I have to admit I had a little moment and freaked out when I saw that.  I'm a big fan and always catch her interviewing celebs on the Red Carpet during award season on the E! Channel.   
Per Giuliana's words in our correspondence she said, 

I immediately texted my BFF and she scream texted back at me her equal excitement.  Can we all just give a moment of recognition to someone who actually takes the time to respond. 
 A lot of people could learn from this, just saying.  I'm sure she is a very busy woman but she also knows to show her appreciation and that will forever stay with me.

Fan Girl moment aside, these products really are beautiful and I am delighted to receive this box of goodies.  I will certainly purchase them when I run out, I don't think I could live without that Honey Mask now that I know it exists in the world!! 

Please go watch my short video review and give it a thumbs up!  If you aren't subscribed to my channel hey, why not just go ahead and do that while you're there as well. 😉 

Thanks for all of your love and support!

X's & O's 
Seanna Miriah

Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Tale of Dry Dull Hair with a Sebastian Pro Review

 Let’s talk past, present, and future hair real quick.
A few years ago my hair had been taken down to a pixie cut for damage due to over processing with bleach.  If you scroll far enough back in my Instagram profile from when I started it to now, the transformation of my hair story has been ever changing.  I seriously look different every month with various extensions, styling, or color.  The only consistency is my bangs which I've tried to grow out and end up cutting back to short again every. damn. time.

(This is my short cut circa 2015)

I’ve always liked to see juuuust how close I can get to the blondest of blonde and not being too cautious as to how I applied the bleach.  Please do learn from my mistakes and seek a professional if this is a concern of yours.  Honestly, to maintain healthy long hair it’s always best to go to a stylist who can be sure to not cross over damaged hair while lightening and most of all, is a trained professional!  
I can't stress this enough.

The reason I personally don't go to a salon is because of one of many reasons.  
First, I have what I call "chair anxiety".  
To be fair, I have any anxiety involving locking me into place for extended amounts of planes, hair salons, nail salons, etc.

Second of all, it's expensive and I get very VERY bored of my hair quickly so the reality of going to a salon every time I want to tone or change it up would be an expensive habit and unrealistic.
Third, I don't trust anyone else to do my hair the way I like it so I have nobody else to blame if it sucks.
I’m at the length where I can color it again but no more bleach.  My bleaching days are over (or so I say).  
I’ve been able to go to a deep gray with a demi-permanent hair color and it just fades into blonde 
which I hang with for awhile until it starts to look dull and more warm toned, then that’s when I grab two more bottles of the Chrome color from Ion, mix it with some level 20 developer, and slap in another round of gray to omit the orange undertones.  

Note:  It takes about a month to fully wash back out gray to blonde if you use my care advice below


I wash my hair once a week when I first color it to prolong the gray since I love it so much.  The stages of gray once it washes out slowly are still really nice if you use the right one.  As I mentioned before, I really like the Demi Permanent since it's non-committal and fades away naturally.

I usually curl it after the first wash so I can slowly let the curls fade into just a looser wave over a three day period and using dry shampoo by day three.  By day four it’s bun time.  Pulling it up into a high top bun or two low messy space buns have been my recent fave.  I may even bun time it two more times if I’ve got nothing really exciting going on for work or home but it starts to look REAL scraggle-muffin by then so I have to pull a bit more self confidence from within to work that with pride in public, ha.  
Sometimes it feels like I’m in my own contest to see just how long I can go without washing it while avoiding looking like I was pulled through a hedge backwards.


I use extra moisturizing rich hair products.  When I’m busy with work and making some good skrill I get the Redken MEGA All Soft shampoo & conditioner which is $25 a bottle (so $50 for both, yikes!) and when I’m broke I get the Herbal Essence Moisturizing conditioner and use whatever organic shampoo I can find.  I have dry hair so I like to really feel the softness of either of these products and honestly, I’ve treasured that Herbal Essence for YEARS and it costs under $6.  It’s a defo default.

Tip:  Ulta has a Jumbo bottle sale once or twice a year where all of the gigantic shampoo and conditioner bottles are half off and you usually get a free pump with it too.  Every single person I’ve talked to whose gotten these said it is enough for them to last an entire year in one jumbo.  AN ENTIRE FRIGGIN’ YEAR.  That means for $40 a year you have shampoo and condish…that's unreal.

I recently purchased the Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss which I work from root to ends while damp and it’s been a nice extra boost of softness for my brittle ends.  


They do put time limits on the review campaigns so I haven't been able to use it as long as I generally would for a super in depth review but this is my third time using it so here goes.

 Ever since this was sent to me I’ve worked it into my regimen. Ideally it would be a twice a month deep clean with the Preset to clarify the product build up and I’ve gotta say so far it’s been great.  

My hair feels light and super clean.
  It also suds up hard core so you get that clean feeling right away.

The Reset, which is a conditioner, is so lightweight I still have to add just a tad of my All Soft in with it to get some moisture but again, it does feel lightweight like it’s helping lighten my hair for more lift.  I’m quite a visual being so the fact that this is also clear like the shampoo gives me the impression that it’s not as hydrating but I could be totally spoiled by heavy cream conditioners.  

The Shaper ID "lifting spray" is AHHmazing

You now when you get something you didn’t know you needed and once you receive it you realize you’ve needed it all along?  Well that’s this hairspray for sure.  I always needed a lift at the root but didn’t like the feel of most mousse products I’ve used. Dry shampoo worked great on day four of not washing but what about one through 3?  
This stuff is spectacular because it just fades out of the hair shaft at the end of the day so I don’t feel like I have to re-clean my hair after using it.  It just lightly dusts the root and hair shaft to give it lift without sticky feelings or residue.  LOVE IT.  

From Flat 

To Fluffy!

It sprays out with a burst of product and dissipates into the hair to the point that you can work it in then it’s just feather lite.  Out of all the things sent, this is my favorite without a doubt. ❤️

Well that's it!

I would love some questions or comment from you guys regarding any of the things mentioned, I love an open convo about hair care and how to maintain healthy hair while not letting it just being natural which I find boring.  Not on other people, just myself, no offense.

Thank you once again Influenster for sending me such awesome stuff and thank you to Sebastian Professional for letting me be your hair muse for the moment.  I truly enjoyed it!

X's & O's
Seanna Miriah


It's that time of year for giving!   Entry form below That's right people, it's time for the epic holiday makeup giveaw...