Tuesday, October 8, 2019


You came here for coffee creamer recipes, well jokes on you cause I'm here to spill my life story on you before I unveil the recipes...bwaahahaha.  

Ok kidding.  You know how people do that though? 
I'm like...just GET ON with the recipe so I don't have to scroll past you reminiscing about your grandpappy and why you love pumpkin bread so much.
 Show me the goods!

So here goes my coffee creamers, enjoy.


Chocolate Syrup
Almond Extract
Brown Sugar Simple Syrup 
Milk of choice

Brown Sugar simple syrup:
Place one cup of water and one cup of brown sugar in a pot and heat just to a small simmer (don't boil).  Once thickened, bring down the heat to low and add in your flavors.  
Sub liquid stevia if you don't want sugar.

Once it seems well mixed I removed from heat and let it cool down. 

NOTE: The amounts you choose for your flavorings all depend on your preferred taste so I say start with a tablespoon of the honey and molasses, a couple dashes of ground nutmeg, a splash of vanilla extract or you can add a vanilla bean and let it simmer in the sauce for flavoring then taste and adjust to your liking.  You can even add more brown sugar if you like it really sweet.

Slowly add your milk of choice to the saucepan, keeping in mind the creamier milk will mix in your coffee better (I found soy always floated to the top). I decided to go with half and half. 
Coconut milk is a good sub for dairy.  I did also like almond milk with this considering it's Snickers flavored but that also separates in your coffee easier, just keep that in mind.

Pour into your glass container, mix in chocolate syrup and shake.

(I got my container at TJ Maxx)


Ground Cinnamon
 Cinnamon Stick
Brown sugar simple syrup
Almond Extract
Milk of choice

Make simple syrup as above and add in a cinnamon stick while simmering.  
Lower heat and add in your seasonings, stopping to taste test.  I was starting with less and adding more to my liking but remembering it will be added to milk so feel free to make it a bit stronger as it will be diluted by the natural fats in the creamer.

I poured this all in together once cooled and gave it a good shake.


Canned apples or Apple concentrate
Almond Extract
Simple Syrup (reg sugar)
Wassail seasoning (optional)
Milk of your choice

This one was tricky.  I wish I had an apple concentrate for flavoring it but all I had was a can of apples so I just poured the juice into a saucepan with the homemade simple syrup.
Using the same recipe for the simple syrup as before, I used one part white sugar and one part water.
I had some Wassail seasoning from Trader Joe's and it was the perfect flavoring, but you can get the same with lots of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

This time, I had to strain the ingredients through a small sifter before mixing since it had specs of seasoning and apple bits in it.

Let cool, pour into milk and shake in a bottle.


Pumpkin Puree
Ground Ginger
Simple Syrup
Milk of choice

In a blender, I added the pumpkin puree and spices and whipped it together.
Then I had simple syrup simmering, and added the mixture to it.

After it became fragrant I removed from heat and again, strained the ingredients through a sifter before mixing with my milk. 

This one separated the most which was fine, I just found that before adding to my coffee, I had to shake the bottle to mix it all up before pouring.  

And that's all my recipes!  
There are so many other ideas, like Peppermint Patty, or Reeses Cup, but I had to stop somewhere.

Hope these are helpful to those of you who kept asking how I'm making these.
I kept posting them to my Instagram Stories and am happy to finally share them with you.

X's & O's

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


This was a doozy of a week that I won't go into, but let's just say thank goodness for cooler weather, rainy days returning, and guilt free loooong Sunday mornings in bed to cheer us all up.

Not even just eight years ago I was saying how I wanted to live somewhere warm.
Now that I've succumbed to the allure of the dreary weather here, I prefer chilly days over hot and rainy days over sun.  It's funny how we can change like that.

I love the wet sound of tires passing on rainy roads with a swoosh.
I like to hear it hitting the leaves around me, or the shingles of a rooftop, or the metal of a car.  
It's like a relaxing rhythm that can assist in any afternoon nap's soundtrack.

I like to see the yellow dry lawn change to green again after getting crispy all summer where we even stopped having to mow it.  The blades of grass dipping down and up from the weight of a drop.

Rain is romantic as fuck.
C O Z Y   C A F E ' S
On this particular rainy Sunday, we went to Gig Harbor, WA

Lyle found this breakie cafe online called "Devoted Kiss" and I applauded him for such a great find as this was the best breakfast I've had cooked for me in a long ass time.

We both sipped our coffee as we watched the rain hitting the marina water out the window.  Ravens were fighting over crackers on the railing, and the boats rocked back and forth from the small wake.

Eggs benedict and fresh-squeezed orange juice hit the spot.
Afterwards, we took a stroll down to the waterfront and had a mini photoshoot next to a boat barn.
Even though it was raining, it was the typical mist we get here so being outside without an umbrella didn't seem to matter.
H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S  A R E   H A R D  T O  K E E P
Knowing that lemon water is good for me, and I tell myself I will have it every morning before coffee no matter what, you would think I would've made it past three days.  
Spoiler, I did not.

Hot water and lemon are supposed to alkalize, help your digestion, boost your metabolism, reduce acidity, and jump-start your body in the morning and I still say, "aww screw it" and go straight in for my coffee first thing.

I am addicted to the smell of coffee in the morning.  
I am not addicted to the smell of lemon in the morning.  
I love the taste of coffee and the flavor of the creamer I'm using that week.
 I do not love the flavor of lemon water.  
This is my dilemma.

Maybe if I just skip the hot part and go straight in for lemon water and sip it all day, that is my compromise?  Well, it's better than nothing.

Do you feel you are good at these types of routines?
F L O W E R S   O F   T H E  W E E K
Ohhhhh hydrangeas you beautiful fluffy clouds of love.
Possibly top five fave flowers.

I had never noticed before how long they last either!
I've had these babies for almost two weeks and they are still going strong, not shedding flower pedals even to the slightest, and look stunning on my dining table.
Trader Joe's had the flowers for $5 and then I chose the extra side of greenery for another $3 to go with.  I love the look of it and might go a second round of hydrangeas just for the sake of how long they last alone.

Perhaps, I can change up the color next time.
M U S H R O O M   B L O N D E
My plan once I lightened my hair to the right shade was to go gray or blonde-ish gray and it was something I felt confident doing at home myself.

I got the foils (pre-cut) from Salley's, two different tones of permanent gray color, one dark one silver and went in layer by layer adding the deep tone to the root and switching to the light down the hair shaft and at the ends I just pulled a little leftover through them.  
So it was sort of a three tone effect from dark to light.

Risky?  Yes.
Stupid? Yes.
Worth it? Yes.

I don't know what I'm doing really.  I kind of just get the idea, know what works and what doesn't work and just go for it.  You know you did something right when the main compliments you get are from hairstylists.

I also had a woman walk across the beauty store straight at me (while I was working) and point to my hair and ask who did it.  I said "me", and she said she had been trying to explain "mushroom blonde" to her stylist, but couldn't quite get the image out of her head properly to describe exactly what the hair color was and she said mine was exactly it. 

Makes me super proud of the hair experiments I do...most of the time. 
S M E L L    O' V I S I O N

Close your eyes.
Ok, wait don't cause then you can't read what I'm saying.
Maybe close one eye and take a deep breath. Ahhhh. Ok.
Now imagine you are walking through an apple field...
They are all ripe and some have fallen to the ground and are kicking up hardcore apple smell...
In your hands, you have a giant cinnamon stick the size of a baseball bat, and you begin wacking away at those delicious ripe apples, mashing the shit out of them.
Then a friend of yours comes in with nutmeg...I don't know what the hell nutmeg looks like in its natural state so let's just say your friend is skipping through like Little Red Riding Hood and is sprinkling nutmeg around you while you beat the living shit out of the apples with a cinnamon bat.  Paula Dean walks in and starts rubbing butter all over herself.

 That's what this bottle of Apple Spice room spray is like.
Smell O' Vision.
You're welcome.

Rosy Rings makes my favorite room sprays, which luckily after finding it in a tiny boutique in a small store when visiting Coeur D'Alene, it was avl to order on the Amazon beast as well.
I do intend to transition into pine-scented goodness here in about a month which they do have a version of as well, but for now, Apple has my eye.

If you'd like to watch the week in favorites live, this vlog has everything in it talked about here.
Enjoy and see ya next time.

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Perhaps it'd be wise of me to not write my blog when I'm in "a mood" but one can't help these things and that's ok.  If every blog I read was rainbows and kittens I think I'd actually hate it after awhile.  I mean, who wants to sit back and watch an unrealistic portrait of a perfect life?  Not I.
Gimme some actual human please, thanks.

As the weather shifts to that Basic Bitch Beloved season we call Autumn, I have noticed that I get in the weirdest mood.  It's all premature excitement at first, followed by a mild depression of realizing that summer is in fact over, and I'm sad I didn't get to a list of shit I had hoped to do.  

None of it has any importance really, but I get bummed nonetheless. 
Things like, damn I never floated down a river on a raft.  In fact, I didn't go swimming ONCE this summer and that is absolutely unheard of.  I dipped my feet in the baby pool, I went on a boat to a deserted island, yet somehow I never swam and that is just strange to me.

I'm also cranky and tired.

Sometimes holding my head erect is exhausting and I just want to go home, sit on my couch and watch Housewives reruns and eat make-shift fancy cheap ramen which is essentially .99 cent Top Ramen but Pho' style with hard-boiled eggs, some basil tossed in, and Sriracha.

But, you didn't come here to hear about sad stuff and whiny hormonal B.S. did you?  
Well hell, let's talk some favorites then!  
F L A V O R   O F    T H E   W E E K
If you've been paying attention to my IG stories you'd know I started making my own coffee creamer flavors due to fear of what was in the pre-made store ones that never seem to expire.

My obsession with apple cinnamon this season is on a whole nother level.
I used to loathe the smell of strong cinnamon and was more of a woodsy pine Autumnal scent gal.
This year something switched and I can't seem to get enough Apple Spice.
So this weeks' creamer flavor is Apple Streusel and it has a lot of allspice/cinnamon in it to really kick up my morning coffee a few notches.

I've always noticed that some people put shit-tons of cinnamon or nutmeg in their coffee so that led me to believe it wasn't so weird to make this unconventional coffee creamer flavor.
I have one more idea to test out before I do my recipe post of how I make these, promise it's coming soon!
M A K E U P   C H A T S
I go through fazes of rebellion against cosmetics and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that it's my job. I have to put it on every day, put it on others, talk about it, blog about it, Instagram about it, Youtube it, so it gets old.
When this happens I just want to look like myself as easily and simplistically as I can.
It's almost like a strike against complex blending or even having to think about color.

So for this weeks' makeup trend, it was all about a "natural" bushy brow (still perfecting and not quite there yet), no eyeshadow, no blush, just cream bronzer over a satin finish complexion as well as lip using both the new Anastasia of Beverly Hills Foundation and a Morphe lipstick.  

I also tried out the Essence Princess Mascara that everyone has been freaking out over. 
 It costs $4.99 and is actually pretty bomb.
It's buildable without getting to gooky and has a nice creamy texture to it.  I also like that the wand is smaller so it goes on the lower lash with ease.
On the lips, I've been obsessed with the combo of these two.
Morphe's "Forevs" and this NYX mechanical pencil in nude.

I have been trying to figure out why so many have raved about the NYX lip pencils cause every single one I've purchased was crap until I got this mechanical one.  This must be what everyone was talking about because it's really good and mega cheap.
  It applies smoothly without flakes, stays on, and is my favorite new lip pencil. 
 It even wins over MAC pencils and that says a lot.

T H E  K I D S
These two puppies are growing up WAY too fast and time better slow down or I'll cry.

Sissy still only cares about what Vinny is doing and listens to him more than us. 
We MUST correct this but are two puddles of love when it comes to reprimanding them so we have to "train ourselves" as Caesar Millan would say.

They are both getting fixed next month and as a mom, I am terrified to see them not feel well but can't wait for both of these house terrors to calm down a little.  They bark at every fart.  They chew on every piece of mail.  They throw themselves against the furniture in a mouth fight resembling that of Godzilla and Mothra.  Vinny poops and Sissy eats it.  Booger can't see and Sis leaps in his face sending him flying backward ten feet.

It's mass hysteria in our household but I wouldn't trade it up for nothin'.
I T S  A  N E W  C A A A A A A RRR!
I've finally upgraded Lucy the Yellow Beetle and as sad as I am to see her go, I welcome Lucille, the sleek glossy black Boss into my life with open arms.

Recently, I had legitimately felt unsafe driving in traffic.  My old beetle wouldn't go over 65 without a rattle and a struggle to reach high speeds.  I also slid easily on hills with the manual transmission.
Now I cruise like butter on a slice of bread.

A R E  Y O U  C E R E A L?
My entire life I've hated cereal.
But now I can't stop eating these damn peanut butter Puffins.
So in order to excite my new found love for bowls of crunchy oats even further, I got labeled bins to suffice this late discovery.

I got them off the beast that is Amazon.
They had them 3 for $20 as opposed to $20 for one at Target at that is why Amazon trumps all and is scary sometimes.
 R E L A X
Isn't it funny how the things you know you should do, and that you know will make you happy, are the hardest things to convince you to set time aside for and actually DO?!

For example, I know that playing a video game that lets me escape into a fantasy world makes me happy.  I know that sitting on the porch in a rocking chair makes me relax and feel good.  I even know that sitting on the floor with some sage lit and just deep breathing helps me calm my mind and feel centered.  Yet I find myself, rushing around, busying myself with "chores" or "blogging" or "editing videos" or whatever other worky type shit I can force onto myself.

Setting aside time for myself has become the chore.
Well, I am consciously changing that by doing these small things that I know relax me and one of them is getting into a new book.

I went to the Goodwill (surprised?, lol) and got three new books to read.
My goal is to sit on the porch while it's still warm out, even if for a short amount of time and rock and read.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping in.

For a more up close and personal version of this month's highlights, feel free to watch this vlog.

Til next time!
X's & O's



Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Happy End of Summer!

I have some fun favorite things to share this week.
Hope you enjoy-
E S C A P I N G     R E A L I T Y
Gotta be honest, I have been selfishly reserving all of my free time for gaming this week.
It's been a few years now that I've worked shifts with my day job then switched to editing videos for Youtube and working on my brand at night and my days off. 
When the weather starts to cool down and feel all..."fall-y" I start to nostalgically crave escaping into a mystical world of swords and magic.

If you want to delve into a land of sand dunes, ancient tombs, and flying through the eyes of a falcon you might like to play Assassin's Creed Origins.
It's freaking entertaining as all get out.
I put this at the top of the list of my favorite things because as I write this blog, I am thinking about playing the game.  
It's all I think about!

The message here is, be sure you set aside me-time for yourself and do things that make you happy.
F L O W E R  P O W E R
I say to myself, I will have a bouquet in rotation at all times on this table and
I keep it up for maybe a couple weeks if that.

In a perfect world, this table would always have seasonal festive flowers adorning it for me to gawk at.
So this time I'm going to stick to it because the simplest things really can make all the difference.
Just a little pop of color, floral fragrance, and a candle burning can ignite such a happy mood in the room.

I get mine from all over, sometimes from the gals that sell them out of their car on the curb down the street, or from the grocery store, or from my yard if it's bluebell season.
Regardless, I highly recommend at least splurging on that $5 bouquet section at Trader Joe's and get yourself some flowers to enjoy every now and again.
You will be glad you did.
H O M E    H O T E L    B E D
 Most of my adult life I have had bedding from Ikea.  
Not that it's a bad thing, but splurging on something a notch up from that is definitely worth it in the long run. 

We were long overdue for new bedding.
Everything we've gotten from Wayfair (so far) has been absolute garbage...literally like, we've thrown it away.  The last "bed in a bag" set that we got became useless after it was washed.  The filling did that thing where it balls up on one side of the comforter and wouldn't lay even or flatten out.

I told my husband that the thought of pulling our old cold-weather bedding out for the seasonal switch made me depressed. So I popped out to TJ Maxx and Target to see what I could find.  The goal was no more bed sets but moving more toward a quality comforter with a duvet that can be changed out easier when I want something new.
I found a Calvin Klein comforter that is so luxe and well made, it even makes that crinkly sound when you move it around.  Then I saw this Tommy Hilfiger duvet cover in cream and khaki tones that had a retail price tag at over $300, it feels like soft linen.  
Then, we went for sheets from Target in a cozy clean white.
I already had these antique rose pink velvet pillows and I want to go back for an oversized faux fur throw.
I loved the quality of the duvet, with little details like the button closures to keep the pillows from sliding out. 

It feels like a fancy hotel stay every night we sleep in it.  
This has been a goal of mine in our home decorating for so long!
I look forward to bed even more than I already did.
D U M P L I N G S   A N D   S P I C E
My homemade creamer flavor this month was Pumpkin Spice.
I had to play around to get the flavors just right and the pumpkin is heavier than the creamer so it sinks to the bottom.  I think next time I will look for an all-natural pumpkin syrup or double strain it.  I did strain it the first go-round and it's still too heavy.  
I just have to shake it up before I pour it in my coffee.

My Keurig takes K-Cup coffee pods but I don't love the idea of staining my coffee through plastic so I opt for an environmentally friendly, wire reusable capsule that I fill with coffee I grind at home.  The freshest of the fresh.

Don't worry, for those of you who've asked how I make these homemade creamers, I have a collection of recipes I plan to post here once I get them all perfected!

Four words.
Din Tai Fung dumplings.
When we went to the Seattle Tattoo Expo, we met up with a couple friends of ours and they were raving about this dumpling place.  We hopped on the monorail by the Space Needle and coasted into downtown Seattle to head over to Din Tai Fung.
I had seen this place several times but never went in.

As you walk up, there's a spot where you see a handful of chefs making the dumplings.
The windows inside are floor to ceiling and you can see a good view of downtown Seattle.
This would be an ideal place to take your family if they're visiting the city for the first time.

You choose your filling whether meat or vegetarian then the cute little dumplings come out in a bamboo steamer.  They give you small dishes for your dipping sauce.
The idea is to poke the top before you eat it because of the soup broth that is encased inside with the filling, causing steam.  
Otherwise, you might get a hot pocket of soup bursting into your mouth, freaking OUCH.
I have officially become a dumpling lover.
I want ALL the dumplings this Autumn.

S T Y L E  T I M E
 I have always loved the mix of thrift with expensive pieces.
For example, this BCBG blue thrifted purse, thrifty "Husband button-up dress shirt", and H&M shoes, but paired with Good American jeans, jewelry from Tiffany's and blue mirrored Ray-Bans Lyle got me from Neiman Marcus.
My favorite place to shop fragrance is hands down Sephora.
They have the "Clean" fragrance section which I find to be less strong and invasive to wear.
Something I've always felt about perfume, no matter the price, is it smells like you're trying too hard if it overtakes a room.  A soft whiff should be enough.  The clean/all-natural fragrances always go on softer and they seem to have more unique note ranges that I like.

The Ellis Brooklyn line has wonderful fragrances and I fell in love with Myth.
The notes are jasmine, musks, white cedarwood, and tiger orchid.
I find it to be clean, feminine but earthy and just the right amount of fragrance to spritz in my hair without it entering a room before I do.
It's a skill to take luxury pieces and gracefully put them on with something that costs a dollar.  
Throw in a little touch of these DIY Swarovski nails and I looked put together, a tad chic if you will, but casual.  Perfect for an evening out with my Step Mother-In-Law who was staying over with us for a brief visit.  We took her to Chamber's Bay where the views are breathtaking, walked the dogs down to the waterfront then doubled back to sit out on the patio at the Golf Course restaurant for some chowder and salad to watch the sunset.
We got lucky with a warm day but in the evening, the air had that crisp freshness of the end of summer feels and the sunset was vibrant bright orange.
Ever so gracious to the Olympic Mountains for their beauty at sunset.
Boy O' Boy, do I love you, Pacific Northwest.

Thanks for stopping in.

X's & O's
-Seanna Miriah
The Gentle Thrifter

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Note: I am on a case by case basis with freelance while I work on the field for Smashbox Cosmetics.
I also occasionally work with Too Faced, Benefit, and YSL as well as produce beauty videos.
Those all combined result in a pretty nutty schedule, but I'm always open to new work with advanced notice.   I will travel.

I am especially always up for creative conceptual collabs! 
Sorry, but I no longer trade for print.

In No Particular Order

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Becoming A Painting P.2
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You came here for coffee creamer recipes, well jokes on you cause I'm here to spill my life story on you before I unveil the recipe...