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Friday, June 9, 2017

Katy Perry Live Vlogs?!

Was it a dream?

I went to do my normal routine of winding down at night and to catch up on my YouTube videos I may have missed, when suddenly I noticed Katy Perry was on was a party at her house and I was able to watch the whole thing.  The walls had animated blinking eyeballs, she was drinking apple juice, everybody left then she got in pajamas that looked like a newspaper...and her little dog was there too.  I was drinking gin and tonics and started posting in the comments that I wanted to visit the set and vlog for her for a day and would work for free burritos.  Did all of this REALLY happen?  Did I fall down the rabbit hole??
I fell asleep and felt it was all just a crazy dream.  I woke up the next day and opened my computer only to find that it was real cause she was still there!  Still in her newspaper pajamas and drinking her morning swamp water (some sort of yerba matcha energy drink).  She is said to be hosting contests all throughout her tour and was inviting everyone to "Witness" it to promote her new album.  It's a very "Truman Show" feeling where you literally get to see her just living her life moment by moment.  She has a control room (kind of like the Wizards of her Oz) that operates the cameras and sound systems that they are able to speak to through ear buds, playing her album in and out at times.
There are going to be guest spots, which so far we do know that Gordon Ramsey and Katy will be doing a cook off at one point.  But the one contest that hits home for me is the Cover Girl contest where she has #projectPDA (public display of application) which is essentially a program promoting how people should be able to wear their makeup however they want without judgment or criticism.  As a makeup artist I have had this debate for years.  I have been told on pictures I've posted how "they like me better natural" or "you don't need all that makeup".  I have to remind people it washes off at the end of the day!  Tomorrow I will wake up and do something completely different.  It's a choice and it doesn't even have to be your profession to be able to express yourself with clothes, your style, hair and makeup without anyone feeling they have the right to tell you to change it.  I like this message and will definitely be using the hashtags in future videos coming up.

Contest rules for #projectPDA are here.  Good luck to all!  I believe you win tickets to her concert!

Now let's go watch Katy brush her teeth then get interviewed by E News in her pj's.