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Friday, June 9, 2017

Katy Perry Live Vlogs?!

Was it a dream?

I went to do my normal routine of winding down at night and to catch up on my YouTube videos I may have missed, when suddenly I noticed Katy Perry was on was a party at her house and I was able to watch the whole thing.  The walls had animated blinking eyeballs, she was drinking apple juice, everybody left then she got in pajamas that looked like a newspaper...and her little dog was there too.  I was drinking gin and tonics and started posting in the comments that I wanted to visit the set and vlog for her for a day and would work for free burritos.  Did all of this REALLY happen?  Did I fall down the rabbit hole??
I fell asleep and felt it was all just a crazy dream.  I woke up the next day and opened my computer only to find that it was real cause she was still there!  Still in her newspaper pajamas and drinking her morning swamp water (some sort of yerba matcha energy drink).  She is said to be hosting contests all throughout her tour and was inviting everyone to "Witness" it to promote her new album.  It's a very "Truman Show" feeling where you literally get to see her just living her life moment by moment.  She has a control room (kind of like the Wizards of her Oz) that operates the cameras and sound systems that they are able to speak to through ear buds, playing her album in and out at times.
There are going to be guest spots, which so far we do know that Gordon Ramsey and Katy will be doing a cook off at one point.  But the one contest that hits home for me is the Cover Girl contest where she has #projectPDA (public display of application) which is essentially a program promoting how people should be able to wear their makeup however they want without judgment or criticism.  As a makeup artist I have had this debate for years.  I have been told on pictures I've posted how "they like me better natural" or "you don't need all that makeup".  I have to remind people it washes off at the end of the day!  Tomorrow I will wake up and do something completely different.  It's a choice and it doesn't even have to be your profession to be able to express yourself with clothes, your style, hair and makeup without anyone feeling they have the right to tell you to change it.  I like this message and will definitely be using the hashtags in future videos coming up.

Contest rules for #projectPDA are here.  Good luck to all!  I believe you win tickets to her concert!

Now let's go watch Katy brush her teeth then get interviewed by E News in her pj's.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Whidbey Island Adventure

When we woke up Sunday and saw the sun had finally started to shine here in Seattle we took the opportunity to get out and adventure.  We sat on the couch with our computers and searched the Internet for locations.  First we thought we could hike Rattlesnake Ledge but realized the traffic to get there would take up most of our day.  Then I thought, we can go Spelunking!  Aren't there tons of caves around here? Then we realized most of them were hours away.  "How about ziplining??"  Oh crap, that would cost nearly $200 for the both of us and we are moving in June so time to save save save.
I know!  Let's go to the ocean!  
I opened the map and pointed to Whidbey Island.

We hopped in Lyle's car and headed out not knowing exactly where we were going and how it would turn out.  Just the two of us on an adventure.
A short ride later we were already docking at Whidbey's Terminal and off we went for some brunch.

Stopping at a gas station to gather our plan I used the timer on my Iphone to do a mini photoshoot in the parking lot and a phone stand I got at Daiso Japan for $1.  Works great!
We kind of stumbled upon Charmer's Bistro in Freeland which was like stepping into the past.  They had Sinatra playing on the radio and an old man was reading a newspaper at the bar.  It dawned on me that this is the place people move to when they retire.  Time to slow things down, kind of a reminder of how they lived as a kid.  I imagined them wanting the feeling of living in a Mayberry town where everyone knows everyone and you fish for your dinner.
 "Hiya Joe how's the grand kids?"  "Great Bob, they're all off to college".
I got Eggs Benedict on polenta cakes and Lyle got the veggie omelet.   It was absolutely delicious.
We drove down to the beach in Freeland and sat on a bench for awhile.  I love to take super deep breathes so I can taste the salty air and soak up as much of the moment as I possibly can...

I was ready for a nap after laying in the sun, it was warm but with a cold breeze off the water.  I was surprised when we got a second wind as we decided to explore the wine tasting event going on across the Island.  We stopped at a place called Dancing Fish Vineyards which had Bocce Ball, Ladder Toss, and Cornhole.  
The whole time we were there you could hear horses neighing loudly in the background and sparrows kept landing on the fence and singing crazy songs.  We were laughing at one in particular that had such a different sound, it literally seemed like it was talking to us.

We went with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (which isn't actually made at that particular winery apparently) and also ordered the chocolate truffles and cherries.

I thought their chandelier was so clever, just a bunch of Clam shells linked together.  
I want to make one!  I have to share this idea with my mom, she would love it.
When it was time to head back (after splitting that entire bottle of wine mind you) we had just missed the ferry and got stuck sitting in line waiting for what felt like forever cause I had to pee.  It got so bad and painful I started to panic and looked around desperately for a building I could squat behind but there were people everywhere.  Lye handed me a stack of blue plastic cups and said, "Here, pee in this".  I'm going to admit something to you and I hope you still look at me the same way...I peed in the cup...and I don't regret it.

Our last stop on our way back was Diamond Knot brewery which had been on our list of places to visit for awhile.  When we walked in I was excited to see it was one of those bars that has cracked peanut shells all over the floor!  A highly recommended pit stop for those who are headed to Whidbey on the Ferry or coming back since it's just right off the terminal.

We had such an amazing sunny Sunday off together and we plan to keep the fun going this summer with lots of activities so stay tuned.  I made a vlog with my Iphone which you can watch below.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

Friday, May 5, 2017

New Beauty Advisor Job!

Hi!  Has it been a minute?  No it's been a week, Seanna.  Geesh it just shows how one week at my new gig already has me feeling like I've completely neglected my Youtube channel and blog.  WOW! That was my best segue yet.  So, I got a new job.  It's actually something I really enjoy and can see myself putting in the care and attention that I've lacked in a workplace in a very very long time.  I have just been floating around with no direction, trying to make a buck bartending and freelancing at MAC but overall just miserable.  

It actually turns out that my dream job was right under my nose (well, my actual dream-dream job would be full time beauty blogging and creating videos on Youtube).  As you may already know, I've been a MAC artist off and on for over a decade.  I was permanent at one point but just stuck with freelance while I figured out what I wanted to do.  I just knew I didn't want to be permanent at MAC again.  Across from us is a department at Macy's called Impulse.  I always glanced over there with curiosity but stuck to my zone.  Finally one day, I walked over there to borrow some nail polish remover and was like, "HOLY shit!  You guys have Tarte, Smashbox, Too Faced, Anastasia, and Urban Decay over here?!"  These are the ones that I personally purchase and discuss in my makeup tutorials.  I wanted to work with these brands so bad.  I wanted to learn about them more so I applied for a full time position and guess what? I got it!
 I can still see my MAC buddies just over the horizon and say hi.  Even though I have been freelancing at this location for over a year off and on, I still feel like a complete newbie.  It's weird how the MAC counter felt like a separate entity and now that I'm at Impulse I communicate with all the other counters more (Clinique, Benefit, Estee Lauder).  There is definitely more of a connection to other makeup gals.  It doesn't hurt that I've now got health care and a 401k either.  
Let's talk perks!  I got a bit of a Welcome-to-the-team handful of gratis from our regional manager.  She just kept handing me things out of a box in the trunk of her car like, here take this, this, oh and eyes were bugged out of my head like I was an addict being handed free crack.  In my head I was saying "gimme gimme gimme dat".  I can never have too much makeup.  
I have the mini Naked Basics palette so it was quite exciting to be handed the bigger better version of it.  It's an all matte palette too...bonus for aging eyelids.
One of my coworkers swears by these Buxom plumping liners.  She said the feel, the formula, and the look of these are her favorite thing to wear on her lips daily.  I haven't tried them yet but am excited to give em a go.
This is a very popular eyelid primer in the beauty blogging world.  Because Urban Decay is cruelty free, a lot of people chose this over the MAC primer Painterly or Soft Ochre (Nikki Tutorials has everyone addicted to soft Ochre).  I tried it for the first time a couple of days ago and really loved it.  I'm looking forward to doing a full face with an in depth eye blend to truly test its longevity.
I wore this "Crimson" red liquid lip by Urban Decay and it sold itself.  I was helping a really sweet Indian girl who was going to wear it for her Bharatanatyam performance.  The feel of the formula is superb with lasting power but doesn't dry the lips out.
This is an army green eyeshadow called "Chains" by Urban Decay.  Another I received but haven't tried but I have swatched the eyeshadow line and they are super powdery.
 I already had a deluxe sample of this primer and knew I liked it.  It has blurring technology that really helps diminish the appearance of pores.  This one is ideal for dry skin but there is a whole line of Urban Decay primers for all skin types and purposes including color correcting.
Not only did my boss give me a bunch of new things to play with, but the Representative of Smashbox also came in to deliver these kits.  My counter is known as one of the top sellers in the region and had won a contest.  I just happened to be on the team when they won.  
Yay team!
All of their mini palettes have these neat cases where the top is a holographic moving explosion of pigment.  I have a one on one meeting with Smashbox next week to train in the brand and learn more about it.  It feels like my own personal heaven already with this position.
These... (bites knuckles) OH M GGG.
They are like butter.
Soft, smooth, amazing. 
 Smashbox is known for its professional line of primers and photography friendly foundations. 
 I am very excited to get to know the brand a bit better.

The skincare that is prominent in my section is Philosophy.  The field rep for them is always around so it's nice to have an expert around to assist since I am not well versed in their products yet.  I've used Purity face cleanser and one of the masks but that's about the extent.  
There is a daily exfoliant on my "to-buy-when-I'm-not-broke" list and I intend on having it in my shower caddy at all times.  
I have had so much fun playing with different looks.  It's nice (no shade, MAC) to not have to be told what makeup look to wear or being forced to sport a foundation you hate just because it's the new launch.  I have the freedom to get creative and have loads of products and brands at my fingertips.  I also love that I work with a group of all ages, from 18 to 50 and beyond.  
Just women and their beauty obsessions to tether us all together.
This is a really exciting new adventure for me!  I can't wait to share what I am learning with you guys and on my Youtube channel.  This has opened up a whole new door for my beauty blogging so stay tuned and come buy makeup from me!  
I am even going to check with my boss but I believe you can order with me over the phone and I can ship anything you need to you.  Just message me for details.

Here's a mini tour of my job~

The views on my blogs and in my videos are mine and mine only.  
They are not represented or sponsored by Macy's/Bloomingdale's corporation or their affiliates.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Press On Nails

Before you go any further, please watch this hilarious video from the 80's  
I remember using these things and they didn't work for shit!  They literally popped off with the smallest task.  How embarrassing is that??  
Thanks to The Museum of Chicago Classic TV on Youtube that shared that video.  What a hilarious blast from the past.

Here's the vid I made today!

I have totally been an acrylic nail kind of gal.  I've done coffin shape, ballet tip, stiletto, cat claws, you name it.  I've never done the duck nail though, that is the fugliest shape I've ever seen. 

Getting your nails professionally done isn't always an option for several reasons:

1.  It's too expensive
2.  It's too much upkeep
3.  Sitting in the chair at the salon gives you anxiety (me, see more below) 
4.  Your boyfriend doesn't like the way it looks.  (See more about that with Zoella below)
5.  You don't want it to shred your natural nails to pieces causing long term damage
6.  You like the natural look instead
7.  The chemicals you inhale can be bad for you
8.  You can get a really fucked up fungus' from nail salons, i.e. the salons are unsanitary 
9.  You are too lazy to go to the salon

 I am all of the above except for 3.

I have a phobia and it's whenever I'm locked into sitting in a seat for a specific amount of time without an option to get out of it, I panic.  This includes planes, meetings, and restaurants.  I don't always get that way but when it hits me I'm usually not aware it's going to happen.  Awful awful feelings of panic and racing heart beat, everything goes black, and I lose my hearing.  Fucking SUCKS and has resulted in me loathing to go get my nails done or a fill in.  How I've managed to have acrylics for as long as I have is beyond me.  It shows how many times you can expose yourself to your own phobia over and over and sometimes it just never goes away!

One of my favorite Youtubers, Zoella, once said she wanted fake acrylic nails but doesn't get them because her boyfriend (Alfie) hates them.  I know she struggles with anxiety so I wonder if she secretly has the same issue as I have with chairs.  She gets press-ons instead which prompted me to give them another go.  I figured they've got to be improved since the 80's right?

Anyway here I am!  I went to Sally's and spent about $7 on some Bella Nails.  They took about 5mns to pop on.  I am curious to see how long they last without one falling off.  They included extras in case one goes missing.  The glue was resealable so I can use that again too. 
Here is before: 
And After:
I will say they are quite comfortable to wear.  They are shorter which I like for work.  As a makeup artist, you have to go in pretty close to people's eyes with lashes and liners so shorter nails prevent any eye scratching incidents.

I had to file the sides down a bit to make them look more fitted, otherwise they poked out on the sides which made them look even more fake.  If they last awhile (a week is promised on the box) I will def go back and grab a few more.  

I will update here again in a week and report back!

Maybe this is finally my chance to grow my own nails out underneath healthily.  I take Biotin vitamins to help boost the growth as well.  I've noticed Biotin has helped with my hair growing faster but my nail beds were so damaged it has taken awhile to grow them past the part that had my previous acrylics.  I will say...if these end up being a pain in the ass you will see me sitting in a salon in the near future having a panic and letting some lady drill away!

Til Next time,


Saturday, April 15, 2017


Stay tuned for more, I may try a Instagram focused giveaway next!
 It's finally here!  
And yes I mean Spring but I also mean my second giveaway of beauty products too!

I have put together another box full of goodies and am hosting a prize giveaway to show my appreciation to my lovely Youtube subscribers and supporters.  I wish I could just give you all a box of makeup, I really do.  One lucky winner will receive all of the products mentioned in the video as well as anything else I throw in over the next month and a half.  

Some info and rules:

You must be 18 yrs of age to enter or get parental consent to win.
Shipping will be within the U.S. only (sorry, couldn't do international this time)
Runs April 15th to June 1st 2017 where a winner will be chosen at random.

To win you must be subscribed to my channel and your page cannot be private (I have to be able to verify you are a subscriber).  Having the bell notification on would be helpful to stay up to date on every video I upload.

The more social connections you make with me the more points you earn which increases your chances to win so add me on Instagram and Twitter too! Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will update here on this blog as we go along.
Good luck and thanks for the support!

Video Of Prizes:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Getting Over a Hardship, off to Canada

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may already know a little but, recently I have been going through a very shitty personal situation over the last couple of weeks.  It isn't anything I would like to open up on the Internet and this blog isn't about what happened... it's about what happened after.
I spent a week in bed, unable to take deep breathes, unable to eat, unable to sleep.  I was actually even unable to cry.  I was in shock.  Booger stayed curled up next to the bed the whole time, such a good dog.  
I finally decided I would like to keep moving forward and try to cleanse my body of these harmful thoughts and depressed demons that sit inside me and eat away at my being. 
 I cannot live forever in a dark cave twisting things around and around in my head.  
So we took a trip.
I was so distracted that I didn't even pack a proper bag.  I forgot spare socks, underwear, hairspray...
  If you knew me you would know that packing is kind of my thing.  I always organize things down to a list and have enough of everything two times over.  I usually pack back ups for back ups.
  This was not the trip for that.  I threw a bunch of shit in a duffel bag and walked out the front door.  

We left the country.
Canadian money is absolutely beautiful.
Canadian candy is absolutely yummy.
We went to a majestic place called Harrison Hot Springs, also known as "the healing waters" in B.C.
The natural springs are pumped into the pools at the hotels so you can literally soak in warm mineral water from the Earth.

We hiked multiple trails on our three day trip, one around the edge of Sandy Point

across the beaches of the Lagoon
 and the last day we went up to see the waterfall named Bridal Veil which was a short one but a steep soggy climb.

Sasquatch is known to be prominent around those parts, signs everywhere and even warnings to not go near him or scare him.

 The hotel we stayed in was called the Harrison Beach Hotel and accommodated The Booger with a welcome bag with treats and poo bags in it.  He liked the pitter patter of his claws on the hardwood floors almost a little too much.  I really had to jam my ear plugs in my ears to sleep through him turning circles on the floor at night.  Always nice to have dog friendly hotels.
It also had a kitchen with pots and pans, a stove, and a microwave so we decided to bring home away from home and do a taco night.
Just before crossing back into the states at the border there is a castle with games and rides.  We had to lighten the mood on the way out with some mini golf.   Unfortunately, it's nestled next to a cow farm so it literally smells like your head is up a cows ass when you're outside but inside was nice.
We went for the Under The Sea course that played spa music and had oceanic sounds and decor.  
It was actually quite relaxing aside from being in a basement and could occasionally hear kids stomping on the roof playing laser tag.
I got a hole in one on the last hole which wins another round.  I hit the ball so hard directly at the hole it was like I was playing hockey with it.  It smacked straight in and set off the light upstairs to alert the staff so I didn't see what happened, I just ran upstairs with my arms out like I was the shit. 
We kept our free round for the next visit considering we fell in love with the area and have now deemed it our haven.  We got there in the Spring luckily before tourism really hits so I'm curious to see the town bursting alive with people in the summer.  It was so quiet out there I couldn't imagine boats everywhere and people all over the sidewalk.  I must say, I think I prefer the quiet pre-season vacay's myself.
Til next time Canada. 
Watch the vlog here